3 binge-worthy seafood restaurants in Daytona Beach

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Sitting on the beach listening to the ocean with the ocean waves nibbling at your toes. The ocean air flowing through your hair, you suddenly have a hankering for seafood that simply will not subside. Perhaps when you are sitting in the middle of the woods in a gorgeous cabin, your stomach yearns for filet mignon.  However,  the ocean seems to bring about a craving for crab, scallops, clams, mussels and other seafood delicacies you simply must consume.

During this current trip to Daytona Beach to watch the NCA Collegiate Cheer Championships,  #gomustangs, we have had our fair share of seafood. Probably more than our fair share. More like the lion’s share of seafood consumed during this visit. We cannot get enough considering it has all been so scrumptious and tantalizing. Our time here is limited, yet we managed to squeeze in these 3 seafood restaurants,  plus 1 bonus restaurant we happened upon once the cheer competitions concluded for the day.

Crabby Joe's #discoverdaytonabeach
Crabby Joe’s Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

Crabby Joe’s

Our goal for this trip was to eat seaside as frequently as possible. You will notice Crabby Joe’s sits at the end of a pier (photo above). What you do not notice in the image is the fact 3 of 4 sides of this restaurant are open air. The windows were closed on one side of the restaurant during our trip because the wind would have blown the food right into the water. However,  the view from that side was still wide open. From our view (windows open), we caught this guy catching waves (photo below).

Discover Daytona Beach
surfer guy Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

The menu was filled with seafood,  salads and burgers. Our seafood selection here was the mahi mahi served as a sandwich with a side of pasta salad. The fish was tender and succulent to say the least.  We would definitely visit again for next year’s NCA competition. A word of caution: we assumed we waited for 16 solid minutes to even have someone approach our table for a water order because the restaurant was uber busy. After watching 3 other tables during that time period get sat and waited on within seconds we knew something was awry. My husband went to find someone to help us. A nice guy named,  Brandon,  immediately came over to get our drink order and to locate our waitress.  Well, it turns out our waitress was the lady who had walked right passed us pretty much every 30 seconds or so over the last 15 minutes never once glancing in our direction.  We figured someone assigned her a table she was not aware of. Nope. Not the case. When Brandon pointed out she was our waitress she rolled her eyes and proceeded to help two other tables (that literally were pulling out their chairs to sit down for the first time). Only then did she decide to grace our table with her presence after 22 minutes of waiting.  And she came over with a horrible attitude to boot. Sigh. Needless to say, Brandon became our waiter for lunch. Thank you for saving the day Brandon. Bottom line,  if you visit Crabby Joe’s,  then understand the waiters greet you within seconds of being seated no matter how busy. If you find yourself waiting,  say something right away. Aside from the waitress having a bad day, our trip there was excellent.

Our Deck Down Under

Of the 3 seafood restaurants, this lovely spot was my son’s favorite of the trip. Why? We were able to watch dolphins about 100 yards away from us during dinner. The key to this location is understanding you will stand in a lengthy line to place your order, then you find your seat. The good part is the fact your food arrives fairly quickly once you take your seat. Our food came in less than 10 minutes.

Our Deck Down Under - Discover Daytona Beach
we ate half and this is still left. Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

We ordered the platter: fish, shrimp, clam, scallops & deviled crab. It was enough to feed a family of 4 by itself. We also ordered the special: 1/2 crab, 1/2 spiced shrimp (photo above). It was also enough to share with a family of 3-4. This place would be top of our list to revisit on another trip.

Joe’s Crabshack

Of the three seafood restaurants, Joe’s Crabshack is a franchise.  The likelihood is that you’ve heard of it or been there before.  However, we chose to eat here because of its pier location.  Remember our goal was to eat seaside as frequently as possible. Something important to note at this location is the fact our wait was 2 hours to be seated inside. However,  outdoors is first come, first serve. We waited about 30 minutes for a table to open. Not too bad.

We ordered the redfish with lobster and the crab boil filled in a bucket. Of course, I’m looking. Wouldn’t you know I did not take pictures of the food. I think we were starving that evening or something. Next time.

tilapia with garlic rice Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys
tilapia with garlic rice Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

Crab Stop II

After the last cheer segment,  we were famished seriously.  I took a peek at my list of seafood options.  Crab Stop II jumped out at me. Now here is why this seafood restaurant is a bonus and not top 3:

  1. It is off International Drive, thus not on the beach.
  2. It could use some sprucing up inside. I like to see clean floors to feel comfortable.

That being said, the food satisfied our hunger. We ordered the tilapia plate with garlic rice (photo above), kids whiting with jumbo shrimp and fried catfish.

The best thing about any of these locations is the fact I could get boiled or grilled food. If someone else in your party wants fried, then they can choose the fried options.

What seafood places have you tried while vacationing?  Stay tuned over the next few days as we recap our Daytona Beach escape. #discoverdaytonabeach

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  1. Hello there! Glad you enjoyed my hometown. I hope the PR contact info I sent you was useful. Sorry about your experience at Crabby Joe’s. I lived right near there and have been to their Sunday brunch. Yes, it gets quite crowded. I’ve also blogged about Deck Down Under and featured the crab legs as a picture! Next time you visit, you MUST go to Racing’s North Turn, just south of Crabby’s Joe’s. It’s on my blog too. Truly hope you had a great time! Great to see a fellow blogger visit this great town and write about it. :-)

  2. I love the ocean, and we tend to find one frequently for vacation. However, I do not share a love for seafood with my family. I do grace the table of many a seafood restaurant, though. They love it, and I eat salad or chicken and try not to breathe through my nose. 😀

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