City Cycling – 4 Great Cities for Cycling Holidays

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If you think of cycling holidays you probably think of leisurely treks through the countryside far from the madding crowd, yet some cyclists long for the razzmatazz of city life. With raised awareness of road safety, the world’s cities are becoming increasingly cycle friendly. Here are four cities to consider visiting:

Family Cycling Vacation
Wellness Vacations: Best Cities for a Cycling Vacation

San Francisco

This world famous American city is actually built on 43 (count them) hills so at first glance it’s not the obvious destination for a cycling holiday. Avid fans will be relieved to know that San Francisco conceals a number of impressive cycling routes. Choose between the Golden Gate Park (where you can take part in the unusual sport of bike polo) and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. There’s no better way to truly get to know this spellbinding city. As a bonus for touring cyclists, lessons on best cycling practices are freely available. By the way, be sure to cycle down the spiralling vertical descent of Lombard Street but don’t forget to apply your brakes!


Didn’t Katie Melua warble something about nine million bicycles in Beijing a few years ago?  The majority of the Chinese people can’t actually afford a car (can you imagine the congestion if they could?) so a bike is the favourite mode of transport here. It’s a great way to explore the alleys of this enigmatic city and join the Chinese people in the bike lane for a day. On a cautionary note, cycling through Beijing is not necessarily relaxing due to the sheer volume of cyclists. Take it as a leisurely pace and if you’re unsure about whether to give way to an oncoming cyclist, it’s probably best to do so and avoid a collision.

Trondheim, Norway

Another popular cycling destination is the historic Norwegian city of Trondheim. Home to the world’s only bike lift, the Trampe, around 18% of Norway’s population use bicycles on a regular basis. Trondheim offers extensive rental facilities for cyclists but it’s important to be aware of tram tracks that could unseat you. Travel at the right time of year and you can cycle through the midnight sun. If you do head to Trondheim don’t miss the coastal trail leading to North Cape heading out from the striking Trondheim Fjord.

We haven’t forgotten that cycling fanatics often holiday with nature loving companions. Norway provides the ideal solution for families forced to compromise with its unique brand of safari holidays. Placate your loved ones with the promise of musk ox safaris. A trip to see these half-ton beasts in all of their natural glory will fascinate even the most city-centred cyclist. Just remember to stay at a safe distance; musk oxen can travel at speeds of up to 60 kph and they are quite hefty beasts. Apply cycling principles and remember to give way to the oncoming traffic.

Update 8/2013: “In 2013, Trampe was upgraded to meet new safety regulations. The new industrialized version, CycloCable®, will be introduced to the international market by the French cableway company SKIRAIL in the POMA GROUP.” ~ Trampe/CycloCable


Never mind the famous tulips, Amsterdam has – at the last count at any rate – around 600,000 bicycles for a population of 750,000. Holland‘s flat landscape is ideal for an excellent wellness vacation focused on cycling and the Dutch capital is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Nevertheless, it’s important to be sensible and observe safety precautions. Don’t jump red lights and watch out for the tram rails which can take you by surprise and unseat many an unsuspecting cyclist. Oncoming trains also have the right of way over bikes, but then, who would argue? Cycling is a great way of familiarising yourself with Amsterdam’s ubiquitous bike lanes. As bikes are permitted on public transport it’s also a good excuse to hop on a train and head out to the countryside in search of the iconic Dutch windmills.

With most major cities providing cycling-friendly routes and bike-only spaces, a cycling holiday is becoming an even more popular way of seeing the world. Saddle up today and head out to your favourite city – just don’t forget to keep the family happy too.

Kate Smedley enjoys cycling holidays that avoid musk oxen.

When we travel to Washington, D.C., we always enjoying biking the sites versus doing any bus tours. What do you do on vacation to add a little physical activity to your getaway?

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    1. The good ole days, Kat. We used to bike everywhere as children too. Then as an adult, I started doing the Tour de Cure’s with the American Diabetes Association years ago, and I was hooked again.

  1. I love bike rides and they are amazing here in Miami but with the crazy driving, I don’t get out and bike too much. I would love to go on a cycling holiday. Need to add this to my bucket list!
    Ida recently posted…DIY Avengers MasksMy Profile

    1. Wouldn’t that be awesome, Christy. You are right, many cities are made for driving. So many big roads preventing easy cycling for families. Even small towns are turning more and more populous these days. Which is why it is nice to have a list of cities you can visit to get your cycling fix in.

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