4 Reasons to Travel With Your Kids

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Currently, we are planning a trip for the inaugural senior graduating class for our local high school.  As a result, we have had the opportunity to speak to more high schoolers than we normally would in this business.  A recent conversation struck a cord with me.  One student was telling me about a student who should be a junior, but currently is a sophomore because his parents took a year to travel the world with him.  Talk about hashtag #RaisingGlobalChildren. Amazing! Now before everyone gets their britches in a bunch this kid will still graduate on time… at the end of his junior year.  Yes, there are ways this can happen.  Many students forfeit their senior year to head off to college. I digress.  This story was so awe-inspiring to me I decided to write a few reasons why you should travel with your kids.  It could be the best experience of your lives.  Read on…School Break Travel

  1. An interactive learning experience.  Sure textbooks are good tools for teaching our children culture, science, math, you name it, but there is nothing compared to actually seeing, touching and hearing about the actual locations where historical events took place or future events will take place. It is bound to create a permanent knowledge “nook” on your child’s brain versus the memorized jargon we learn from textbooks just to get a grade.
  2. It will potentially create a travel bug.  In our family, we love having the travel bug. We have no desire to rid ourselves of it or figure out some remedy to slow its growth. We want it to manifest and become contagious to anyone in our presence, virtually or in-person. We have a targeted manifestation rate and currently seeking to increase its spread rate by multitudes.  Once you expose your children to a healthy love of travel, they will more than likely pass the trait onto their children and so on.
  3. It will encourage critical thinking and independence.  It is so disheartening to meet children who have never left their parents side until they are pushed out the door for college. Completely unprepared for the separation. And parents are so perplexed why their kids have such a difficult time adjusting in their new surroundings. Often times, when I ask how far away their kids have gone away to school it is usually right down the road. I mean you could get there and back while listening to this post.  It is quite sad and, quite frankly, a huge disservice to our children.  It is our duty to prepare them adequately to be adults. The time does not come magically when they graduate from high school. It is a process over 18 years.  So head out on a hiking or trekking adventure with your kids, give them some independent duties, give them several instructions at once, teach them to work well within different cultures.  You will thank yourself immensely when graduation day arrives.
  4. You will grow as a family.  This is the most important reason in my book.  These days many families are like ships passing through the night.  One parent shuttling this child here and the other parent shuffling another child some place else.  Dinners are eaten “drive-thru” style.  Schedules are so overloaded that one calendar just does not suffice any longer.  Taking time out to go on a cultural adventure with your family can improve your families focus on one another.  It can improve everyone’s mental well-being increasing one’s ability to focus and increase productivity as a result.  Just try it and see. You may just catch the travel bug too.

Of course, there are many more reasons to travel with your kids, but I wanted to give you a few too stew on.  Maybe I will decide to re-visit this area with a lengthy list.  Let me know what you think.  Traveling with kids is just as important as taking that annual couples getaway and Mom’s taking at least one girlfriend getaway each year to stay optimized and productive members of society.

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Do you travel with your kids? Have your kids ever traveled without you? At what age did your travel without you?

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    1. Road trips are so much fun because you can stop when you want stop. Especially if you spy something interesting along the way. Now that you are back to work, you can plan for more trips during your scheduled time off.

    1. Carin watching those little faces shine when traveling is so rewarding. For kids, it really does not require a whole lot to give them a new, engaging experience. We just hope more families do not overthink and just do it.

  1. What great tips and I completely agree that traveling with the kids is a wonderful experience. I took my kids everywhere when they were young and they were always well behaved. My daughter didn’t take her kids everywhere when they were young and by the time she started taking them, they didn’t know how to act. It took her a little while and a lot of frustration to be able to enjoy a night out with them.

    1. What an excellent comparison you have to share with others. Often, we hear the same sentiments from others. It’s kind of like going to restaurants. You can often tell the kids without much experience. They simply do not know what to do. It is a foreign experience. Getting kids out and about early on helps develop the skills necessary to cope in various situations. The benefits far outweigh the cons.

  2. It’s great to expose children to a lot of travel. Traveling makes them experience more and learn more than what the books say. Outbound education is best when parents are present to guide and to supplement facts about the place.

    1. Outbound education promotes knowledge rather than memorization. It helps stimulate the brain, gives excellent firsthand experiences and increases our social outlook. Whether it is far or near, traveling just has so many benefits.

  3. I’m so jealous of that kid! Not only for the travel experiences, but also for the life experiences. He might graduate a year later, but I’m sure that the life lessons learned traveling is worth a lot more. I hope to be able to do something similar with my future kids.

    1. The beauty of the situation is the fact he did not have to graduate a year later. He graduated on time. Traveling gave him an edge over the students who never went anywhere. What they learned in a textbook, he had first hand references in many cases. This led to actual knowledge versus mere memorization to get through a test. I am amazed by the effect his time traveling had on him and others in his situation. When done right, it can be a huge boost to your child’s future.

  4. I think it is awesome that they took a year off to travel the world. I’m sure their teenager learned so much from the experience. I want to travel with my child she in not 2 yet but soon I can’t wait to share the wonderful things in the world with her. I mean she is already learning about the world but much of her learning can happen in the living room, in the backyard, church and the library. As soon as it cools down a bit I plan to take her to the zoo!! I can’t wait.

  5. I think one of the best things my Father could have done for my Sister and I and that was allowing us to travel and see different parts of the world. It Broaden my horizon and my apperciation on how other people from around the world live. Also, it made me grateful what we had, what I parents gave us.

  6. We’ve traveled to like nascar and camping but we havent taken any HUGE trips.. Hubby & I like to take one trip a year just the two of us to keep the marriage.
    Jessica recently posted…WOOF WOOFMy Profile

    1. It’s difficult living far away from family. It usually does cut into any time you want to do other things. Maybe family can start coming to visit you guys too. Then you can use your vacation time to go someplace fun.

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