6 Reasons to Travel by Luxury Motorcoach

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Planes, trains and automobiles… and oh, motorcoaches.  Traveling by motorcoach is such a grand way for a family to tour the United States from coast to coast.  Generally speaking, we take 6-8 weeks to travel the country and what better way to hit the road then by motorcoach.  Here are 6 reasons why you should consider traveling by motorcoach on your next family vacation.

Bella Terra RV Resort
Bella Terra RV Resort – Gulf Shore
  1. Freedom– Most motorcoach companies have drivers, because truthfully, how many of us have a Class C driver’s license to drive such a mammoth beast on the road?  With a driver, you can truly relax, sightsee, watch TV, play games with the kids, and more while you are on the road.  When on vacation, having a professional driver relieves you of the hassles of the roads, managing the navigation system, gassing up along the way, and just otherwise not being able to truly enjoy your vacation because you are essentially working.

    Goss RV
    Luxury Goss RV
  2. Save a Little – You can head over to Camping.com to map out some Glamping Grounds to stay overnight during your vacation.  Okay, Glamping is luxury camping.  This way, you save money on hotel rooms because your motorcoach offers bunks to lay your head and typically a separate bedroom in the rear for Mom and Dad to have some privacy.  Another way to save money is to stop at the grocery store.  Yes, you can cook a full meal.  Most motorcoaches come with a full kitchen – stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, cabinets, etc.  Food and lodging are usually two of the largest expenses for vacationing families.
  3. The pets can come along– There is no need to locate a doggie daycare for your furry loved ones when you travel by motorcoach.  The sway of the bus is pretty stable, giving your furry friends a smooth, exciting ride.  When you hook your motorcoach up at an luxurious camping ground, Fido can also explore and make friends with other glamping 4 leggers.  A motorcoach is essentially a modular home.  In other words, you can safely leave Fido to rest while you venture off to do family activities animals are not permitted to partake in.

    Goss RV
    Glamorous Goss RV
  4. You can see more sights – With a professional driver, you can make more ground, stop & go as you please without being exhausted from driving.  Instead of having to keep your eyes on the road, you can peer off in any direction to take in the breath-taking views.
  5. Have the feel of home – With the massive storage space underneath the motorcoach, no one has to limit the amount of luggage they bring.  You can even park Juniors bicycle underneath.  With satelite TV, you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows.  If the kids start battling one another, there is enough room to send them to opposite ends to cool off.
  6. Bring Your Car Along – Of course, a motorcoach can only go so many places.  Having your car along will give your driver some time alone as well.  This is also a cost-savings. When you decide to stay in one city for a few days, you can park the motorcoach and unload the car to get around town.

There are so many reasons to travel by motorcoach.  Quite frankly, unless there are time constraints for our trip, we would prefer to avoid the limitations of flying and spread our own wings aboard a motorcoach.  Share with us… do you travel by motorcoach?

Perhaps an RV or winnebago is more your style so you do not need a driver. Driving yourself will also cut down on expenses from paying a paying a professional driver. However remember not to miss out on the journey by trying to get to your destination. Take many breaks, stretch your legs and enjoy your trip.

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  1. Well that’s definitely the kind of travel I could get used to. That looks like an amazingly comfortable way to get out and about.

    1. It is super comfy. I remember heading to Alabama for my daughter’s 6th grade science trip. I rode in my motor coach super comfy while so many other were crammed in their cars for hours. No bueno. I was able to get work done and feel refreshed when we got there to enjoy our time. No cramped legs or neck. I carried all the snacks for the kids. It’s great.

    1. RV is a little different than a motor coach, but similar. Most RVs you can drive on your own, many motor coach require a special license to drive due to their size. I’ve ridden in all types, RV, winnabago, motor coach, etc. They’ve all been fun. The good thing about a motor coach is the ample space. Ours was a 45 footer with pop outs. Now it is time for a new one, but the price tag has me holding out. Lol.

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