Review: Addison Improv | George Wallace in Dallas

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The Addison Improv Comedy Club is no stranger to world renowned comedians such as ‘Drew Carey, Jerry Seinfeld, John Pinnette, Jeff Dunham, Louie Anderson’ and of course, the very hilarious,  Mr. George Wallace.  While George Wallace didn’t leave a dry eye in the house – as we were all filled with laughter – our main purpose of visiting the Addison Improv on Friday was to give you an objective review of the venue.

Addison Improv


The Addison Improv Comedy Club offers comedy shows regularly Thursday evening through Sunday each week.  Monday there is typically an Improv Class and Tuesday/Wednesday is open for comedy shows from time to time, but not weekly.   We visited the Addison Improv for the 8PM show on Friday, June 7th to be entertained by the very hilarious, George Wallace.  The second show of the evening -also George Wallace – was scheduled to begin at 10:30PM.

Of course, we would love to post pictures of the show and inside of the venue, but if you have attended any comedy shows or many concerts, then you know photography is strictly prohibited during the show. And you’ll learn below why we were unable to snap a few candid shots after the show.


Having gone to the Arlington Improv, we were pleasantly surprised to learn the setup of the Addison Improv took us indoors to retrieve our tickets and wait for the show to begin.  Prominently located on the corner of Beltline Rd and Landmark Blvd with its very illuminous sign, it is very easy to spot and find parking.  Enter through the doors and head up the stairs, you will find the ticket window with ease, enter through the doors next to the ticket window to submit your tickets and an host(ess) will take you to your seats.

Addison Improv ReviewTHE SEATING

There is plenty of seating available.  And truth be told, I do not think there is truly a bad seat in the house.  Obviously some seats have better views than others, but even if you are along the brick wall adjacent the comedian on stage you are still in good seats.  Just turn your chair a little for better visibility.  The comedians pay attention to those along the wall as much as they do those center stage.  The only issue I have with the seating is the fact the smallest table is a four person table.  We arrived knowing we would be seated at a table with two strangers.  Given we enjoy meeting others and frequent Japanese style restaurants we thought we would give it a go comedy club style.  After all, everyone should be in a hilarious mood, right?  You are in a comedy club.   Well, one of things we noticed during the evening is how uncomfortable many looked as they approached the table with their “two new strangers”.  It appeared some were on 1st dates, some just wanted some couple time alone, and then there was our table…. two long time gal pals who just didn’t want to be bothered with strangers at all.  Honestly, it was uncomfortable because they were whispering about how they thought they would have the table to themselves and why did we have to be seated with them.  It was quite rude, but I was determined to win them over with kindness.  So I smiled, I gave a compliment or two… eventually the two gal pals started to warm up to the idea of having two married strangers at “their” table.  Then I found a common ground… GEORGE WALLACE.  Of course, the comedian of the night.  Once we started chatting about Mr. Wallace the talking did not stop and suddenly the lights were dimming for the show to start just as our food was arriving.  Nice!


We ordered the chicken fingers basket and shrimp basket along with two cocktails.   Our waiter, Weaver, was so cordial and nice.  He knew how to approach a table during the show without interrupting, so to speak.  The food was hot and better than we had anticipated ‘in our heads” before arrival.  Yes, we had preconceived notions about comedy club food.  What can I say?  Was it gourmet? No, of course not, but it was suitable for a night out at a comedy club.  Just like the food you expect at a baseball game goes along with diamond field atmosphere, the comedy club food goes along with the comedy club atmosphere.  It is plentiful also.  Your plates are full and not skimpy by any means.  The drinks are not over-laden with liquor, but have a good mix of liquor and its mixture.  On our next visit, we will definitely order again without issue.  From checking out the plates in our general area, it appeared no one had issues at all with the food as most of the plates were empty.


Once the show starts, the lights are dimmed and your waiters are checking on you periodically. Make eye contact to place your order as you will not be able to speak in your normal tone.  The waiter will need to focus on lip reading as well as body language to take accurate orders.  It is not difficult, but maintain expectations and all will go well.  I would simply point to the item on the menu, Weaver repeated back and I gave a thumbs up, he smiled and off he went.  Smooth and easy.


The night started off with a bang when Dean Lewis took center stage.  Mr. Lewis has been on such shows as Ellen and the Last Comic Standing.  Well known for his “clean comedy”, Dean set the room on fire.  And I do mean in a good way.  He was knee slapping funny and related to the crowd in such a way it did not appear anyone felt alienated at all.  Seriously, I have noted his information for any show we put on in the future.  Definitely worth his “coin”.  Dean gave us the low-down for how the evening would flow, the dos and don’ts and introduced the next comedian.

Nanette Lee enters stage right.  After the clean Dean Lewis and knowing George Wallace is not necessarily a raunchy comedian, but more current events, we expected the same of Ms. Lee.  However, her first few moments on stage were vulgar-laced comedy.  I must say, it seems maybe she did not get the vibe the crowd was quite getting into the vulgar bit and she quickly adjusted by toning down her language some.  She turned out to be quite hilarious with her ethnic anecdotes and local story-telling comedy.

Then comes George Wallace.  Giving us true improv!  Give him a topic and he has a joke about it.  Anything from politics, education, healthcare, you name it.  And, of course, expect him to cross the line on each topic.  It is what makes him absolutely hilarious.  Watch a quick clip of him at the BET Awards last year below:


Everyone was have a laughing good time.  The only note I would make regarding the show is the fact everyone certainly received their moneys worth as Mr. Wallace kept us laughing 35 minutes past time.  Mind you, there was another show after ours and we were unable to do any meet and greets afterwards to get candid shots with the comedians for this here review.  It’s okay!  We had plenty of laughs and those waiting outside in the hallway at least knew they were going to get a great show.  We  all filtered into the hallway still laughing.

Overall, I would recommend the Addison Improv to anyone wanting a fun night out.  Just make sure it is not an ‘alone time’ type of evening as you will be seated with strangers.  I did not locate the elevators, but I am sure they are there for anyone with issues climbing stairs.  And most importantly, come to have fun, enjoy some laughs and clear your head from all the stresses of the week.  Addison Improv – two thumbs up.

Disclosure: Abundant Journeys  often receives products or services to facilitate a review.  No monetary compensation was provided – unless stated otherwise.  All opinions are that of the author.  Some post may contain affiliate links that pay commission for each referral.

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