The Most Astonishing Waterfalls in Asia

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Asia is definitely a marvelous tourist destination, no doubt about that. Especially in terms of nature, like waterfalls in Asia, this splendid continent has left many tourists fascinated with its wilderness marvels. In a nutshell, whichever Asian country you might possibly decide to visit, you will definitely be satisfied with the overall experience. However, have you thought of a ‘themed’ Asian vacation? ‘Themed’, meaning to travel to different countries in order to see formations of the same nature. If ‘yes’, how about a waterfall holiday? The huge continent offers plenty of impressive waterfalls. They are there, hiding in the wilderness, simply waiting for you to find them. Following is a list of some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Asia.

The Most Astonishing Waterfalls in Asia | Wellness Vacations
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1.     Jog Falls, India

The most famous Indian waterfall, the Jog Falls is about 250 meters high. It constitutes of several segments, each with its own name – Roar, Raja (King), Rocket and Rani (Queen or Lady). However, whenever the Sharavathi River is in full flood, these four segments blend together, forming one mighty torrent. The best time of the year to visit the waterfall is from June to August. As for the most suitable time of day, that has to be in the afternoon when the sun is behind you. Otherwise, if you decide to pay a visit in the morning, the sun would be blazing right into your eyes and not only you won’t be able to take a good look at this natural marvel, but also your photos will be ruined. Frequently argued to be India’s tallest, Jog Falls is without a doubt worth the visit.

2.     Detian Waterfall, China

Situated on the border between Vietnam and China, Detian Waterfall is the biggest naturally occurring waterfall in the Southeastern part of Asia. Just like the Niagara Falls is shared by the USA and Canada, Detian is shared by China and Vietnam. This beautiful cascade is about 200 meters wide and 70 meters at its highest point. You can walk up close to the formation, in order to take a better look, by using the walking trail on the Chinese side of the park. The waterfall has two parts. The main one, situated on the Chinese side, named Detian, and Ban Gioc Waterfall on the Vietnamese part. You will have no trouble seeing both parts from the Chinese side. However, getting closer to Ban Gioc requires getting on a boat.

3.     Nachi Waterfall, Japan

Erroneously considered to be the highest waterfall in Japan. However, this is true if we only look at vertical ones. Otherwise, with its 133 meters, it doesn’t even come close to the 497 meter high Hannoki Falls, which is actually Japan’s tallest. For your viewing pleasure, there are two decks, a lower and an upper one. The waterfall is formed from the confluence of four rivers, which join into one before falling from the cliff, thus forming the Nachi Waterfall. The area is rich with many temples and shrines, which leads to the conclusion that the waterfall had a big spiritual influence on the area.

4.     Ginga Waterfall and Ryusei Waterfall, Japan

Another Japanese waterfall, or rather twin waterfall. These two waterfalls are often referred to as the husband and wife waterfall. The two tumble down side by side separated by a giant rock. Such permanent ‘double’ waterfalls don’t come often, so they had to be included in the list. There are two wooden platforms, from which you can have a good look at both falls at the same time. Also, you can go down to the very bottom and look at the waterfalls from river level. Right behind the twin falls is situated the almost 2000 meter tall Kurodake mountain.

5.     Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Thailand

Quite unusual and multi-segmented, this cascade waterfall is Thailand’s largest. Although being such, instead of a thundering monster, it is a rather graceful one. You can even take a dip and go for a swim in one of its tiers. Because of the fact that Thi Lo Su is made up of a couple of smaller ‘segments’, it is somehow difficult to estimate the overall height. The leftmost is considered by many to be the most beautiful and picturesque drop. The falls is so big and wide that you will find it almost impossible to fit in one singe photo shot. The best time to visit the site is in the afternoon, when there are less people. The waterfall is really popular in Thailand and attracts a huge number of people on a daily basis – both locals and tourists.

There are dozens more picturesque and impressive waterfalls in Asia, each more splendid than the other, but these five are somewhat the most notorious ones. However, even if you decide to pay a visit to those which didn’t make the cut, you will not be disappointed at all. In terms of waterfalls, Asia has a lot to offer even to the pickiest of travelers.

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