Bucket List: 3 experiences to check off

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If you make your way around the web, meetup groups, church groups, or pretty much any place you gather with friends, you will notice eventually the ‘bucket list’ topic will make its way into the conversation. Immediately, people start to think of travel destinations. However, a bucket list can be any number of things you want to do, see, eat before it’s too late.

Over the next few weeks, I will list a few of my bucket list items by category each Sunday. Feel free to share your own bucket list items that fit into that week’s category. For instance, this week I am listing three of the many experiences I would like to check off my bucket list.

Ice Driving

A couple of years ago, a representative from the French Trade Commission reached out to me regarding this unique excursion I may want to offer my clients. After all, my clients enjoy much of the finer things in life for the most part. This particular activity is no exception. Once I watched the video, I was sold. Ever since, it has been added to my bucket list to test. I do enjoy testing out products before I promote them. Ice driving made the list. The original video the rep provided me from LapLand no longer exist, but I did find this one from Aston Martin on their course.

I am not the most adventurous person in the world, but my first taste of closed course driving was the BMW Performance Center in Greenville, South Carolina years ago. Now, I have a need to drive fast… when their are professionals around to guide me. If you purchase any of BMWs higher end vehicles, you will receive an invitation for two to race on the course.

Front Desk in boutique hotel

This one has been one my oldest memories I can think of. It always seems so fantastic in the movies, right? Whisking off to some island, somewhere worldwide, owning a boutique hotel where you get to greet the lovely families arriving for holiday. I could do this for a day to get it out of my system. Have you ever seen the Bourne Identity where Jason Bourne’s love ends up working in a moped shop on some beach? I guess it is that laid-back, laissez-faire life I seek. To me it’s pure bliss.


Try a Pound Fit class

If you have been keeping up with my post, you will notice a recent experience I would like to check off my list: Pound Fit. It seems so invigorating and fun that I just want to give it a try. A blend of drumming, high intensity exercise and excitement, I think I can get on board with this new phenomenon. It is just so difficult to fit scheduled classed into my schedule. Hence, on my next trip, I just may seek out a Pound class in that local area to give it a test drive.

There are so many other experiences on my bucket list. However, these are just three I’ve been thinking about recently. In the coming weeks, I will talk about different items on my bucket list. And, of course, I will include a travel related bucket list as well.

What is on your bucket list of experiences? 

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  1. Oh, the bucket list. :) When I was a teenager, I had a friend who liked to drive to a big empty parking lot and do ice driving. Of course it wasn’t in an Aston Martin, but it was fun. And that seen from Bourne gets me every time. I always turn to my husband and say, “That’s what we should do. Live on the beach and rent jet skis or take people out on our catamaran!” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to blog from some island somewhere peaceful? No stress. The thing is I don’t just want to check that one off the bucket list, I want to stay there (my adult children and future grandchildren there too)
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