Bucket List of Summer Break Fun

summer activity bucket list
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It is so exciting to know that school is out for summer just two weeks from today! The loose schedule, the ability to pick up and go without a school note. The joy of it all. Our June is packed full of plans already. Isn’t that the way it works in many families? Whether it is graduations, weddings, family vacations or a round of conferences like for me, June tends to be pretty busy.

However, I do not want the summer to get so busy that I fail to mark off some things on my bucket list. So I decided to extract a few things from my master list to create a summer activity bucket list. The list became quite long, but I pulled out a few to share with you all.

summer activity bucket list
no fruit, no sugar Fruchthandel_Magazin / Pixabay

Go sugar free for a week

Yep, that includes avoiding fruit for that week. I know summer usually means people eat more fruit than other times of year because fruit is so refreshing, but I am going to go sugar free for 7-days straight to see what that does for me, if anything. Have any of your done this before? Did your body react in any particular way?

I am not a faux sugar fan, so I will not replace sugar for anything else during that week. I realize it may be difficult to totally cut sugar 100%, but it is a goal on my list for 7-days.

summer bucket list
run a 5k skeeze / Pixabay

Run a 5k

Back in the day, I used to run a lot. I was good. Wayyyyy back in the day, I was a distance runner, but then a bad hip ruined those long runs for me. However, that does not mean I cannot do a few 5k’s here and there. I get a couple 3-5 mile runs in during the week and I want to do more. When I used to enter more 5ks, the entry fee was like $15-$25. Now entry fees are so expensive, it deters me from entering too many races. My idea is to run a race in every city I visit this summer if I can find one. Is that feasible or not? Well, I guess we will find out. I used to lose myself in a good run and I want that feeling back again.

bucket list for the summer
cycling skeeze / Pixabay

Complete the Tour de Cure

First let me say, I love this event! I first did it years ago when my daughter (now in college) was in elementary school. It is a cycling event to fight diabetes, hosted by the American Diabetes Association. The Tour de Cure offers several race lengths, even one that is 1.5 miles for families. Yes, you can bring out the tikes for this event. And this race is still very reasonable to enter! Just $25 to enter and minimum donations to raise of $200.

summer activities for bucket list
a family white water rafting skeeze / Pixabay

Go white water rafting

Resurfacing our mother-daughter post last week made me want to go white water rafting again. This one may not get accomplished until August. Perhaps that will be best since August tends to be super, duper hot outside. White water rafting brings back fond memories of my childhood. It’s something fun for the whole family to partake in as long as you stay on the easy courses.

bucket list for summer
hiking in nature Hans / Pixabay

Get my hike on

Hiking is the #1 outdoor activity I quite enjoy. I picked it up once my hip started going bad and I had to cut back on my running. However, I live in one the flattest areas of the country. Getting my fill of hiking with varying terrain just does not happen unless I am traveling. Otherwise, it just seems like a long walk to me if the trails are all flat. lol. And the distance is not far enough to be considered a trek. Just sad. Anyway, I must hike at least once or twice this summer to feel whole again.

yoga for summer
yoga jesslef / Pixabay

Start doing yoga

Okay! So there are so many fitness things I want to do and stick to, but we all know you can only do so many things. Yoga is one of those things I would really like to insert my schedule and make it stick. It would cover the stretching portion of my fitness regime. My issue is that I get going strong, then something fun strikes my fancy like a new kickboxing place, pure barre or something. The first thing I toss out to make time is yoga. It is something I would like to add to my burn calories while working from home repertoire. If only I could stick to it.

Those are a few things on my long list of bucket list items specifically for the summer season.

What about you? What is on your summer bucket list that is a physical activity or nutritional?

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  1. This is a very healthy and active bucket list for sure! I was only thinking last night that I’d love to start walking the 5k track in my town again and work my way up to running it, it would be an amazing achievement as my fitness and stamina is at a zero right now. Have fun with your bucket list and ticking everything off.

  2. What a great list! My lifestyle adapts to the seasons, but I don’t really make special summer plans. Fitness and healthy living are a part of my every day lifestyle, and Danish summers are short and often not very warm. Since our beautiful weather days are so limited, I try to make the most out of them when we have them, spending as much time as possible on our balcony, or walking by the sea.
    Sage recently posted…Firmoo Glasses ReviewMy Profile

    1. fitness is a part of our daily lives as well. Fall brings different activities than summer so we definitely understand adapting with the seasons. It rids off boredom of doing the same thing over and over too.

  3. These are all great ideas – I’ve done a few of them myself over the years. In particular I love the idea of going sugar free for a week … it’s amazing not only how much that helps you feel better but for me it also caused me to be much more aware of how much sugar there was in everyday foods. I also heartily support anyone doing Tour De Cure. It was so much fun in Chicago when I lived there since they shut down Lake Shore Drive and let people bike on it. SO MUCH FUN!

    1. Oh yay! You did the tour de cure. It is really a lot of fun especially knowing you are supporting something good. Very true about the sugars. I do not think most people realize how much sugar they consume outside of “junk food”. A self inventory may shock many.

    1. The week will include most fruits I enjoy that are sugar ridden like pineapple, etc. Then I will add back in my fruits, but keep off the other sugars. Hope you make it on your family vacation.

  4. This looks like a fun list of things to do for the summer! My daughter just finished school today – so summer has started for us! We have a move this summer that will be taking up a little bit of our time. I do triathlons so I have another short race or two this summer and my second Ironman in October. My daughter is signed up for her first triathlon, so that is very exciting!
    You are right about race entry fees increasing in price. When I race, I have all races laid out by Jan to determine my training schedule. I am sure you could race in every city you visit – just take into consideration weather, elevation, and how much training time you have gotten in. Enjoy your travels this summer and let me know how the races go!
    Audrey (Trhardmom) recently posted…Running fasterMy Profile

  5. Omg I don’t think I can go sugar free for a week because I feel the need for some sugar rush whenever I’m stressed out with work. This will totally be a challenge for me. Try running a 5k on flat grounds for a marathon event and on a trail. We have just hiked to a mountain and it felt so good as an accomplishment.

  6. I love these ideas – good luck with going sugar free! We just moved to a new state so our bucket list is going to include a lot of getting to know our new area! There are tons of historical sites, hikes, and small towns to explore :) We also have a neighborhood pool so we will be spending LOTS of time turning into fish!

  7. Hey friend! I have a few posts about my break-up with sugar and gluten. I started 21 days, then went, well forever. Long story short, I have autoimmune and feel so much better now. I also started back to my yoga practice this year. You can do it!
    Aimee recently posted…Top 10 yoga tips for beginners.My Profile

      1. Hahaha…it’s a long story!! But let me share if you want. I started bloating…like hugely. It was horrible. I did a 21 day detox and realized sugar was causing almost all of my weight issues. It was really getting in my way. I just attached one of my blogs about it that should include my break-up with sugar and gluten. I also unfollowed every board on Pinterest that was sugar related and made a new mostly sugar free board. It includes things like stevia, because it’s natural. etc. It really helped me NOT to see sugar.
        Aimee recently posted…How I beat back bloat…My Profile

  8. Great post! I happen to have started my own 8 weeks fitness challenge just 4 weeks ago and I should be done by June 13th. I like the idea about cutting out sugar and I am also doing this but not 100% like you are. I am just cutting out the sweet drinks but I will still be eating my fruits. Your summer looks like its going to be great fun! All the best with everything! http://www.wealthcreateonline.com/10-blog-goals-you-should-set-for-your-blog-pt-2/
    Keesha recently posted…A Word from Dr. SeussMy Profile

  9. That is an impressive list, especially the week of going sugar free. Good for having high expectations. I am on Weight Watchers, so I always try to eat healthily (well, almost always). In summer, my husband and I do gardening, and a lot more walking. Starting next week, I am going to take a balance improvement class designed for seniors, which will include the teachers teaching exercises, and I am eager to see what they will show us.
    Alana recently posted…Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2015-Fast & FuriousMy Profile

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