Clear your sports bucket list in one weekend

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If you’ve ventured here a time or two, then you know we are a fan of the bucket list. Wish list, bucket list, dream list, whatever you want to call it, we have them. Many categories too such as experiences, foods to try, travel destinations, events to attend, people to meet and many many more. This weekend is so packed full of stuff to do across the USA, it is quite possible you can cross off one, two or more things on your sporting events and entertainment bucket list in just a few days.

sports and entertainment bucket list
horse racing LiZardboy / Pixabay

The Kentucky Derby

Whether you head to Louisville with your big hat in tow to watch in person or you throw a Derby bash at your home, marking the Derby off your list is very possible this weekend. You may have it on your list twice:

  • Throw the most ultimate Derby party
  • Head to the Derby in Kentucky and attend someone else’s amazing Derby parties
sports and entertainment bucket list
boxing match (NOT Mayweather nor Pacquiao) skeeze / Pixabay

Title Boxing Fight

The Mayweather v Pacquiao fight has to be the most talked about fight since Mike Tyson fought Evander Holyfield, the second time, back in 1997. I mean, yes, there have been many other fights since then, but you have to be living under a rock deep, deep in the center of the Earth to not have heard about this fight. You could have never watched sports a day in your life and somewhere you’ve heard this fight mentioned… even if you had no idea what they were talking about.

For a couple grand or so, you can get tickets for the nosebleed seats in Vegas tomorrow night. Grab your fur, get your hair ‘did’, put on your best duds and go strut your stuff.

sports and entertainment bucket list
food for cinco de mayo adoproducciones / Pixabay

Cinco de Mayo

Okay, it’s a few days too soon, but you know everyone will throw there parties this weekend. I hear each year from folks, “Cinco de Mayo is an American holiday, not Mexican”. I do not think anybody cares. It’s just another day to throw a party so we will continue to celebrate it every year. Break out the bubbly.

sports and entertainment bucket list
attend a concert veltsu0 / Pixabay


I am not so sure having a festival on such a busy weekend is the best decision. Getting around is going to be uber hectic. However, I know just in the Dallas area there are several concerts taking place.

sports and entertainment bucket list
comedy show “Three Stooges” skeeze / Pixabay

Comedy Shows

If you are into comedy, this weekend is going to be one funny, R-rated show with Mike Epps, Bruce Bruce & Adele GivensAt least this show is Friday night (tonight) and not necessarily competing with the Derby or boxing match tomorrow. You can get all of your laughs in tonight and just bring earmuffs for the parts you want to censor.

sports and entertainment bucket list
football draft WikiImages / Pixabay

NFL draft

The NFL draft began yesterday and runs through May 2nd in case you were just dying to know. Though I have been to a draft parties a couple of times, I still have no idea what goes on. It’s all about the social hour for me. With the 1st round done and finito, perhaps the draft will not get in the way of Saturdays events for the most part, but you never know. And the #1 draft pick for 2015 was Jameis Winston. I have no idea who that is. Guess it’s not important.

You get the idea. There are so many sports and events going on this weekend, you could ramp up the greens to give you the energy you need and jetset from one place to the next marking off the NFL draft, getting your laughs in with Bruce Bruce, then hop a flight to Louisville after the show so you can watch the Derby starting at Noon tomorrow for an hour or two. Take the 2 hour flight back to Dallas to get a few dances in at BOOM 94.5’s premiere festival Saturday afternoon before you head to the biggest party of the night to watch the fight at 10pm. On Sunday, go to the early service at church, take a nap, then head off to an afternoon Cinco de Mayo party. Boom! You’ve knocked 6 things off  your sporting and entertainment bucket list in just a few short days.

What other weekend, besides the 4th of July packs so much into a 72 hour period than the 1st weekend of May? Eat your Wheaties because it is on this weekend.

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What would be on your bucket list for sports and entertainment? A New Kids on the Block VIP Pass, an all access pass to watch the Monte Carlo Grand Prix? What?

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  1. Wow this looks like a fun list :) I would love to be in your shoes! I like keeping busy like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have a lot in your list. I also have a few in mind and they include travelling, but i\m afraid they will have to wait. I still have a lot to do and finish.

  3. My hubby watched the fight, I couldn’t have cared less! 😛 But I will be enjoying some Mexican on Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. :)

  4. I love this post, great pics, makes me want to get out and DO something rather than sitting in the house for the millionth night in a row. We live in a really small town with not much to do but I look forward to the day when we can see a little more action 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am not sure why, but every year I notice the 1st weekend of May is jammed packed with major events. So no one can say they are bored if entertainment or sports are an interest. There is something for everyone.

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