Cruise Kid-Free: Can we cruise with only adults and no kids?

Cruise kid-free

While there are very few options to truly cruise kid-free without chartering your very own yacht, there are several options for adults who want to cruise without so many kids running around. For the adult who would love to getaway on a cruise, but dreads the kids clubs, the over stimulation of the mega-ships and children taking up space around the pool, we have listed several options for you to consider for your next cruise vacation.

Cruise kid-free

Source: Regent Seven Seas

Luxury Cruise Ships

Regent Seven Seas, Silverseas, Oceania and Azamara are luxury cruise liners with a refined, intimate, more mature appeal. While these cruise lines do not restrict children onboard, the environment does not cater to families, per se. The onboard activities, higher cost to cruise and other factors lend itself to a more discerning cruise traveler and less to families. During the holiday season, the luxury cruise lines may provide a more family friendly environment to accommodate the influx of families oboard. So it may not be an entire kid-free cruise experience. However, you will less likely find a screaming infant and more likely find a well-behaved older child.

Luxury Small Ships

Cruising with a 100 or so passengers is, generally speaking, not a cruise ship that will attract a lot of families. With its very intimate onboard environment, small ships such as Paul Gauguin Cruises, SeaDream Yacht Club and Seabourne Cruises attract a very sophisticated, posh cruise traveler. The water toys these cruise line offer (jet skis, kayaks, etc) and the smaller ports these small ships are able to navigate (Cook Islands, Tahiti, etc), give it more appeal to the discerning traveler. Again, children are not restricted from cruising these ships. However, the sighting of a child is far and few in between.

Cruise kid-free

Source: Avalon Waterways

Riverboat Cruising

Skip the ocean and cruise many of the world’s rivers on Avalon, Uniworld or AMA Waterways for a more cultural, relaxing cruise experience, and… no kids programs. Like the other categories, kids are not restricted on these lines. However, a more kid-friendly environment takes place during holidays and school breaks. Even so, the sighting of a child onboard is infrequent.

Adult-Only Cruising

Yes, there is such a thing. There are very, very few cruise lines that offer a true adults-only cruise experience. P&O Cruises is one of them. Within P&O’s line of ships, a few ships are dedicated to adults-only cruising.

Of course, if you want to truly cruise kid-free for an adults-only cruise experience, you can always charter the entire ship on any cruise line.


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  • Abundant Journeys | Jan 12,2014

    I would definitely prefer a smaller ship for all sorts of reasons – but fewer kids running around is certainly a factor ;)

  • Abundant Journeys | Nov 15,2013

    I have no children so when I go on cruises when there are a million kids, it drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids but it would be awesome to go on a cruise knowing it would just be adults.

    • Abundant Journeys | Nov 16,2013

      We completely understand. We adore children, but adult time is adult time, right.

  • Abundant Journeys | Nov 15,2013

    We’re going on a kid-free cruise next year, but we’ll just be going on a regular cruise line. Next time, though, we’ll probably look into these awesome options.

  • Abundant Journeys | Nov 15,2013

    I love this idea, but I wonder, however, if an adult only cruise would be better or worse? ha! I mean to say….adults can get a little crazy sometimes, especially if they know kids aren’t around. Of course, I’m a parent and prefer to be around kids sometimes. ;) But definitely in the future…hubby and I are going cruising kids-free!

  • Abundant Journeys | Nov 14,2013

    I have dreamed for years of going on a cruise! Of all of the places I’ve traveled I still can’t believe I’ve never made it on a cruise yet. It WILL happen. :) And yes, I will be cruising kid free! Thanks for all of these great ideas!

  • Abundant Journeys | Nov 14,2013

    My husband would love to go on a cruise but I don’t know if I could handle being on the water that long. lol. We have small children too and so that would make it harder to get away. Someday….maybe ;) Thanks for the info!

  • Abundant Journeys | Nov 14,2013

    I wish I could go on a cruise. But I’ve got four young kids. Can’t wait until they are older so I can take a week…

    • Abundant Journeys | Nov 14,2013

      Oh kids love to cruise. We book families of 4, 5, 6 and more all the time. Norwegian is a great line for kids. Check it out. :-)

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