Farm-to-table restaurants are cropping up all over Dallas

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Perhaps you have noticed over the last few years a new crop of restaurants all over town. Well, all over the country for that matter. It’s the farm fresh, locally sourced food craze. It is not a new concept, it is just becoming more mainstream as families seek better, healthier options for their dine-out experience.

Dallas has it’s fair share of restaurants with the farm-to-table flair. We’ve made our rounds to several of them as noted below. And a few are on our list to try: Origin Kitchen & Bar, Prime Farm-to-Table, Harvest and the Company Cafe. It is important to note, there are varying degrees of farm-to-table restaurants. Very few are 100%, true to form, farm-to-table eating opportunities, but they sure do come close.

farm-to-table Dallas
Chicken Sandwich, ModMarket. Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys


ModMarket is a casual, semi-communal dining experience. We have yet to try breakfast at this location. However, the lunch/dinner menu is quite scrumptious. I recommend the mashed, sweet potatoes for sure as a side. ModMarket would like to encourage you to visit a location at least once or twice weekly. To entice you, take a look at your receipt. It includes 10% off your next visit anytime in the 7-days following that particular visit. Furthermore, on the receipt, you will also notice a discount off a pound of meat from their farm directly. Visit their website for locations:

farm-to-table Dallas
Chicken dish. Source: True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

During Family Weekend at SMU this past fall, we were invited to dinner to this amazing restaurant. True Food even offers natural refreshments. Seriously! Who does that? It was music to my ears when the waiter reviewed the menu with us. I had the Panang Curry, and it was to die for. It is more upscale than modmarket, which is more of a casual restaurant experience. The atmosphere is very pleasant and pleasing to your senses. On my next visit, I plan to try the Spaghetti Squash Casserole. You may visit this restaurant in several states. Check the website for locations:

farm-to-table Dallas
BBQ Chicken Flatbread at Lyfe Kitchen. Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

Lyfe Kitchen

I frequent this restaurant for lunch with friends and my kids. It is hard to miss with its orange awning on the corner of a busy intersection. Interesting enough, the water choices excite me the most. There are five different LyfeWaters to choose from currently. As far as food options, I’ve tried the BBQ Chicken Flatbread, the Barramundi Noodle Bowl and the Thai Red Curry Bowl. It is my goal to make it to breakfast once or twice to test it out as well. For locations and to view the menu, visit the website:

farm-to-table Plano
Scallops at Seasons 52. Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys.

Seasons 52

The environment at Seasons 52 lends itself to more of a fancy affair. However, do not let that deter you from entering the building. People come in all attire to enjoy this delicious cuisine. Delicious is not even the word for it. Seasons 52 has to be one of my favorite restaurants with a menu that changes with each season. The seafood, the meats, the vegetables are carefully paired together to give you dishes within a certain calorie allotment. The desserts remind me of being in France with the small, yet plentiful portions. Seasons 52 is located in several states. Check out the website for a location near you:

Turkey Burger. Sources: Liberty Burger.
Turkey Burger. Sources: Liberty Burger.

Liberty Burger

For nearly a year, I was invited to come enjoy a burger at Liberty. It is a fast-food option for eating locally sourced foods. Considering I enjoy lamb or turkey burgers, I finally decided to give it a try. Be still my heart, Liberty has the best burgers I’ve tasted thus far. You can even enjoy “Freedom Beyond the Bun” with lettuce wrapped sandwiches. Thus far, I had tried the turkey burger called the Libertine and the lamb burger called the Jackie O. Visit the website for location and menu options:

farm-to-table Plano
Black Bean Burger, Wholesome Grub. Source: Wholesome Grub

Wholesome Grub

Another fast-food option for locally-sourced food is Wholesome Grub. We stumbled on this restaurant leaving hockey practice one evening. As we drove by, I noticed all heads gravitated to this restaurant. The whole family’s interested was peaked forcing us to turn around and give it a go. Since then, we have returned several times to enjoy their medley of meal options ‘on the run’. Thus far, I tend to order the same meal: the turkey burger. As far as we know, there is only one location for this restaurant. Visit the website to learn more:

What other farm-to-table options have you tested out? Where are they located? In Texas or some place else?

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