Five Travel Bloggers We Love

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Abundant Journeys loves reading about other travel bloggers journeys.  There are so many out there, so we seek out bloggers who share our values of family travels to broaden our horizons in order to live a life full of bloom.  After all, it is the reason we write this blog.  To that end, read on to learn about five (5) family travel bloggers we like to keep up with regularly:

  1. The Family Travel Blog – This blogger would like for us to “Discover how you can bond with your family members like never before, be it whilst sightseeing or shopping.”  Recently, The Family Travel Blog wrote about family travels to Bali.  Can you imagine your family in an Elephant Safari Park sightseeing on the backs of one of these majestic creatures?  Well, we certainly can imagine it and Bali is on our Top 25 places to visit with our family.
  2. Family Travel Vacation – A great place to find good travel guides for your family as you conquer the world on your journeys, the Family Travel Vacation blog encourages you to take time out from your busy lives to live a little… hmmm, much like what we write about regularly.  Did we mention vacationing can improve your overall health?  Getting away from the daily grind can help refresh and restore you mentally boosting your productivity when you return home.  Read the Family Travel Vacation’s latest post to learn more.
  3. The Vacation GalsThe Vacation Gals – Now this is one of our favorites.  The Vacation Gals are three women who travel with their families telling accounts of their journeys along the way.  In just two short years, they have managed to make this a viable business for themselves and we applaud their efforts immensely.  Now if you like freebies, then you want to head on over to the Vacation Gals blog pronto to learn about their latest giveaway…
  4. The Luxury Travel Mom is a mom oh so much like the Mom’s here at Abundant Journeys.  This is why we do what we do… ‘have kids, let’s travel’ and that is just what this Mom of FOUR does… yes, we said it, four little bundles.  So what’s your excuse?  Laundry, next doctor’s appointment, flat tire, and on on… Check out her blog to get in your groove and start living today.  And while you are there, check out this blog post about staying organized.  Now the giveaway is over, but the point is well made the digital age may be here to stay. but good ole fashion pen and paper will never go away.  My notebook is right next to me at all times.  
  5. The Traveling Mom is more of a consortium of traveling mom bloggers who support one another.  It is about so much more than just vacationing with your family, it is for Mom’s who travel to adopt a brand new bundle or Mom’s who must travel for work.  However, of most interest to Abundant Journeys are the Mom’s who travel with their families and write for the Traveling Mom… check out some of their post here…

Now while this list is not all-inclusive or even ranked for that matter, it includes some of the most interesting blogs out their about traveling with families.  Just more ways for you to re-consider the rat race and join us in our quest to live a life in full bloom.  Start your journey today!  Life is certainly worth it.

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  1. Great list here. I’m putting it in my “armchair travel” bookmark section. :)

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. It’s always great to hear from other bloggers! :) ~Tui

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