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If you are into bucket list, then perhaps your list has gotten so long you need to divide it into categories, like ours. Last week, we listed just 3 of the many experiences on our bucket list, not travel, but experiences. We know most people immediately start thinking about travel destinations when the term ‘bucket list’ is brought up, but we have so many categories to get to in our weekly series before travel destinations will even make the cut. This week, we have listed 3 food items on our bucket list because after all, eating does bring people together.

White Truffles

We first learned about white truffles just a few years ago working on a photo walk project in the Piemonte area of Italy. On the itinerary was white truffle hunting as one of the daily activities. We learned white truffle hunting is only in season in northern Italy for a very short period of time: early October through mid-November. However, the trip never transpired; hence, white truffles are still on my list of foods to taste.

foodie bucket list
WikiImages / Pixabay

Black Truffles

Given my love for mushrooms, it is no wonder I have a hankering for truffles, both in the fungus family. Now you may say, it looks like 4 items, not 3 on this here foodie bucket list. Yes, it’s true, there are 4, but we are kind of treating black and white truffles as one. Like white truffles, black truffles grow underground. Thus, the reason one usually has a hunting dog in tow to track down the truffles. Unlike white truffles, black truffles are in season in greater length. Delectations list truffle season by destination, HERE. We would be remiss not to mention truffles are an expensive choice and white truffles are considerable more expensive than black truffles because, we suppose, they are less available. CBS News deemed truffles the most expensive food in the world:

European white truffles can sell for as much as $3,600 a pound, making them and their fellow fungi the most expensive food in the world. One two-pound truffle recently sold for more than $300,000.

Just a couple of shavings of black truffles from France – known as black diamonds – can cost hundreds of dollars in a restaurant in Paris. White truffles from Italy can cost more than three times as much.

foodie bucket list
5zal_Photography / Pixabay


Just this past Friday, I was able to cross macarons off my foodie bucket list. On Friday, I had the pleasure of celebrating a local teachers birthday. Another guest brought macarons from her restaurant. Let’s just say they must be an acquired taste. I was not amused by the taste to say the least. The presentation of the macaron is so enticing. It appears so splendid and delicious with all of its rich colors, but taste very, um, blah, in my opinion. I am going to give the macaron another try before I totally cross them off my list of tasty treats. Just to be sure I did not make to hasty of a snap judgment. What about you? Have you ever had a macaron? Did you like it?

foodie bucket list
Maryland blue crab glynn424 / Pixabay

Maryland Blue Crab

If you follow this blog, then you know we are seafood lovers. And that is an understatement. It’s hard to believe the Maryland Blue Crab has not blessed our plates with tasty pleasures. There is a company that will ship the blue crab directly to your door called Blue Crab Trading. However, for the best experience, we prefer to head straight to location for fresh seafood. Perhaps, I’ve had blue crab in a crab cake and I was not aware, but since I cannot be sure, it will remain on my foodie bucket list.

I’m told blue crab taste much like lobster meat, sweet. I sure hope so, because watching this video had me salivating:


Until I can get my fill of the Maryland blue crab, I will head over to places like the Shell Shack for my crab, shrimp and crawfish.

What about you? What is on your foodie bucket list? What have you been able to cross off your foodie bucket list recently, if anything?

Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. What a great list! :) I never heard of a foodie version, sounds fun. You have some great items listed on your list!

  2. I had truffle on something once and I have to say it was a really unique taste, my partner and I sat there for ages trying to figure out what the taste was but it was it’s on flavour :) very nice as it goes and I am not a mushroom fan.

    Mind you that same meal I also had Tuna tarter and it was not very nice. Same trip (Madeira) I had the worst food ever (leave it off your list) in the form of Limpets! they taste like slimy, chewy sea water fowl!
    Ashley @ When the Dust Settles recently posted…Booking Fees a RantMy Profile

  3. I am with you on the Macarons! They just don’t do it for me – and I even ate them in France. Truffles on the other hand….amazing! We recently picked up a little bottle of white truffle oil whilst travelling and it is currently my most prized possession in the kitchen – so much flavour from the tiniest drop!
    Donna recently posted…Coconut ButterMy Profile

  4. Best Macaroons I’ve had were in France. I think the trouble with most on this side of the pond is the quality of ingredients used. Also they should be fresh and room temperature, otherwise the taste can be bland to awful.
    Enjoy your bucket list!

  5. I never used to like mushrooms unless they were mixed in and disguised by other foods (such as in spaghetti sauce, pizza, etc.). THEN I decided to try stuffed mushroom at a Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant, and oh my! YUMMY! Then I started making stuffed mushrooms for my hubby (because he loves them) at home and now I can’t believe I’ve gone 50 years+ without enjoying them!

    Not really a fan of coconut, either, unless it’s a macaroon dipped in chocolate or blended into a dessert, such as ambrosia.

    I only recently decided I like lobster; not sure about crab. I also like scallops, certain types of fish (haddock, tilapia), and clam chowder.
    K. Lee Banks recently posted…Making It Monday – Process of Patience – April 20 DevotionsMy Profile

  6. My husband and I took my mother to a high end London restaurant about ten years ago when she visited from Australia. We ordered one serve of truffles on some tiny delicacy between the three of us. Oh–the flavour. Well worth the money and I’ll always remember the experience.

  7. Hi there.. Interestingly enough I had also considered writing a blog post
    about How To Eat Blue Crabs Maryland Style.. Great job mentioning them.
    Good Post too>>>


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