Go Pound or 9Rounds: Should I decide or just do both?

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A couple of months ago, I noticed one of the fitness peeps I follow (I follow a lot) mentioned she was going for Pound certification. It peeked my interest. Pound? What is Pound? So I had to check around to learn more. And I found this video:

And I was like, “oh hecks yeah! I need to try this!” A few weeks later, this same awesome, fit chick, invited me to a trial class since she was just certified to teach Pound. So stoked and pumped, then I realized my travel schedule conflicted with the dates of the trial class. Then mother nature kicked in with all of her ice storms across the US changing my travel schedule. Naturally, I thought, “Yes! I can make it to the Pound class.” Well, just slap my face and call me silly because mother nature struck Texas essentially shutting us down. No Pound trial class. Thanks Mother Nature. Thanks. Appreciate it.

Pound  Fit and 9Round Kickboxing
9Round Kickboxing swag. Source: 9Round

I am still determined to test out this Pound class. According to the website, “Co-founders and former drummers Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza combined their passions for music and fitness to create Pound.” It seems like 45-minutes of dancing and drumming yourself into a hot, fit body. If I cannot make it in-person, then I might have to break and try to test it out online.

In the meantime, I have been dying to get back into kickboxing. It is the one workout type I never tire of. I am not talking about turbo-kickboxing (TKB), but straight-up kickboxing. While I love TKB, it usually cuts into two-hours of my day plus clean-up. It also does not give me the contact kickboxing gives me with the punching bags, etc. And most importantly, it does not give me the super cool 9Round gloves (image left) I fully intend to covet.

Lo and behold, I get into a conversation with a few other Moms. One Mom mentions 9Round is opening up near us in less than a month. Are you serious? 30-minutes of kickboxing, a total body workout that gets you in and gets you fit. What more could a girl want? Instantly, I reach out to the gym to get ‘on the list’. I want to know when this place will open. What is my motivation?

  • No class times. Just show up
  • 30-minutes of going hard and then going home
  • Did I mention the cute gloves?
  • They are cropping up everyone, so I can visit a gym on-the-go

Receiving such a quick response from a gym rep was inspiring. Lest I forget, let me show you this video to give you a glimpse of 9Round.


With my schedule being all nomadic and all, I have to find places that just fit well. Pun intended. No class times speak my language. I like the in-person interaction so I have not quite gotten on board with the online classes, but when in a pinch, I just might give one a try with Pound Fit or TKB.

I’ve also been wanting to throw Pure Barre and Reformers Pilates into the mix, but where is a girl to get all of this time? I’ll save those two for another time.

Have you tried Pound Fit, 9Round or something similar? Share with us in the comments. And do not forget to drop your email on the sidebar to get our articles delivered straight to your inbox.

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  1. I love these… my son just bought a Zumba wii fitness game I’m going to be playing. We live in the middle of absolute NOWHERE so I am excited to see that this is going to be online. Online is what I have to do.

  2. Wow! that’s great you are so into fitness! Good for you! :) They both sound great. I don’t do well working out with videos. But I like to run when the weather gets warmer. I usually build up to 5-7 miles. :) My friend likes the kind of exercise you do! I’ll have to share this with her!

    1. That is awesome Amy. I used to be a runner, but a bad hip kind of nipped that in the bud. I do a slow jog now. I still do a few 5ks. But I love trying out the different trends that come out.

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