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Hi there! Thank you for your interest in guest posting on Abundant Journeys Blog. If you are receiving this link, then it is special. Do not share it.

We are glad you have chosen to guest post on our blog. You are in good company sharing the space with our regular Content Writers. We’ve made this handy dandy checklist to make things as streamlined as possible for you. Please actually go through the checklist in order for us to be able to publish your guest post.

Our checklist is designed to ward off low quality articles, spun articles or anything that may harm not just our site, but your site as well. It would be ideal for you to search our blog to avoid pitching topics already covered within.


  • Post must be quality, provide value and engage our readers. We do not accept post that are less than 700 words. We prefer post at least 1,200 words. If you really want a post with longevity and a greater ability of going viral, we suggest a post of at least 1,850 words. That being said, the average guest post is within 700-1,000 words.
  • Cite your work. Back up your article with citation to resources by including a SOURCE section at the end in addition to hyperlinks within the article. Of course, all images must have proper citation. DO NOT PULL IMAGES FROM GOOGLE. Use sources such as Flickr or similar service if you do not have your own photos.
  • Get into the detail. Do not just provide an overlay of a topic. Get into the detail. Draw the reader into the article. In other words, if an article only took you 30 minutes to write, it probably is not giving much value.
  • Point hyperlinks to open in another page. This is a must. Any external hyperlink when clicked MUST open in another tab. Do not push visitors away from our site.
  • Include a Call to Action. What is the takeaway from your article? What is it you want to reader to have thought about while reading the article? Give an actionable next step to conclude your article.
  • Create Evergreen topics. Any guest post must be evergreen and relevant to our audience years from now.
  • Article formatting. This is important. Send the article in two formats. 1) a <.doc> (Word) version for me to quickly edit, if necessary. 2) An HTML version for us to easily publish the article as quickly as possible. The quickest way to do this is write the article in your wordpress dashboard. Of course, we are assuming you use WordPress. Copy and paste the visual version into the body of the email you will send us, then copy and paste the text version (html) into TextEdit or Notepad. Send both versions.
  • Host your images and video. It is best for you to provide a link to your images from either your site or hosted someplace like Flickr or YouTube. This insures the proper credit of the image/video and it prevents us from uploading your images/video onto our server. Your feature image should be at least 650 pixels wide. IMPORTANT: Also provide the images as an attachment just in case we need to reformat it to fit into the post.
  • Agree not to re-use this post ever. You are giving us freedom to edit this post and publish it on this blog once you submit it. You are given credit, but you only agree to use the article for cross-referencing and portfolio rights in the future to avoid producing duplicate content. Failure to comply is not an option. Duplicate content is not beneficial to you nor us.
  • Understand our brand. We do not accept articles with a tone of thrifty, frugal, discount, cheap, scarcity, etc. Our focus is on value, quality, upscale, wellness, abundance. It does not mean “cheap” cannot provide value. It means that is not our focus. Your article should have one of the following topics and follow our Editorial Calendar:
    • Family Wellness Travel
    • Fitness (while traveling, working, adventures, etc)
    • Epicurean (good eats with a healthy and/or clean focus)
  • Multi-contributor. If you have at least 3 published guest post on our blog, we will include a full author bio with photo of you on your articles. Once you submit your 3rd article, we will ask you for a full bio and image to create your guest author bio on our site. Being a Contributing Writer comes with perks. Join our newsletter to learn more.
  • Publish Date. If you are making a submission as a result of a request directly from us, then the request will list the publish date. If this is an unsolicited guest posting request, then please allow 2-3 weeks for us to review your post, approve it and add it to our editorial calendar. How do you know we received your request? We will respond with “received” within 24-48 hours of receiving your request via email. Do not email us unless you do not receive the email from us within 24-48 hours stating we, in fact, received your request. Within 2-3 weeks, we will notify you of the publish date, if any changes are requested before publishing or if we decline your article.
  • Lastly, make sure your article is free of grammar and spelling errors. Furthermore, you should include a bio of 50 words or less at the end of your article. You are permitted one link, either to your website, a portfolio page or a social media account such as Twitter.


To submit your guest post for review and approval, email the following:

  1. Subject Line: Guest Post Submission
  2. Email body:
    1. Your First and Last Name
    2. Your blog name and url (if applicable)
    3. Title of guest post
    4. Copy and paste the .doc (Word) version into the body of email.
  3. Attach: a) html version and b) images and/or video

We look forward to your submission.

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