Have you tried these healthy on-the-go meals?

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It’s 6:30 am on a school day. Time to rise and shine. You curse the darkness. Seriously, why does one have to get up before the crack of dawn to get the day going? We aren’t farmers for heavens sake.

After mustering up enough energy to roll out of bed, barely make yourself presentable and get the kids off to school. You realize, once again, everyone had breakfast except you. Sigh. You are thinking, “I really do not want to go home and cook. That means dirty dishes. My kitchen is clean now. At least for 6 more hours until my kids get home.” What should you do? Starving yourself is not the answer. Going through a fast food drive-thru would be the demise of bikini season for you.

Then, you think, “Maybe I can go to a local diner or a farm-to-table restaurant for a delicious seafood egg scramble.” Oh wait, a diner or restaurant would take at least another 20-30 minutes just to get my food. What’s a girl to do? Now you are almost home. You are panicking. If you make it all the way home, you will never eat. Your to-do list is a mile long:

 2 hotel contracts to review

3 client consultations 


2 sponsored blog posts

100 person incentive trip to plan

finish planning next weeks press trip

and on and on and on… the list just does not end.

Ahhh! You’ve figured it out. You need a healthy meal on-the-go. You have options, girl! You will pass three before you make it home. Walk in, grab your meal and walk out. It just cannot get any easier to get a well-balanced meal and stay on schedule.

healthy meals on-the-go
Source: Simply Fit Meals

Simply Fit Meals

This place has it all. Do you want to juice today? Do you need to actually chew your meal? Grab a quick breakfast: apple cinnamon raisin oatmeal, ham & cheddar frittata or pick a super food smoothie and you are on your jolly way.

healthy meals on-the-go
Tex-Mex Breakfast Casserole. Source: Pure Plates.

Pure Plates

Maybe you have a taste for an early bird wrap, so you bypass Simply Fit and head straight to Pure Plates. Or perhaps you are yearning for something a little more substantial like a tex-mex breakfast casserole (image above).

healthy meals on the go
sample meal options Source: My Fit Foods

My Fit Foods

Since you’ve taken so much time to decide, you have one more option before you make it home. My Fit Foods selection of breakfast food is amazing and the Americano Steak & Eggs is sounding scrumptious right now.

Whatever healthy meal on-the-go option you choose, you are certain it will be one your taste buds will enjoy.

Have you tried any of these places or similar ones in your area? Give us the skinny in the comments below. We may be in your town some day searching for options.

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  1. I am so busy these days that I rarely have the time to cook. I think that it is important to find a place where you can get a meal on the go without resorting to a sugary muffin and a ton of coffee. These days I have my lunch and dinner delivered to my home and take that on my busy these. But, I must admit, these look pretty delicious as well~
    Melissa Williams recently posted…What Makes Our Relationship Work & 7 Tips That Helped Us Improve ItMy Profile

    1. Delivery options work as well, Melissa. I am familiar with 5 Squares, Plated and the Fresh Diet. Also, for those who want to prepare meals a week at a time, you can go to Dream Dinners for instance. So many options for us to sift out to accommodate our busy lives without risking our health.

  2. It’s really hard to prepare meals at the start of the day when you feel lazy to get out of bed. There are so much household chores to be done and you can only wish that there’s a personal chef making food in the kitchen for everyone. We have tried other on-the-go diet food and are satisfied with the taste and the service.

    1. We have riddled ourselves with so many tasks forgetting that is quite alright to delegate. Actually it is most efficient to delegate. This is one task I delegate with joy and very pleased with the options I have for my meals.

    1. Korean food. Yum! Many Asian countries have a better grasp on healthy eating than we do here in the States. Not only is our food fast, but often fried and loaded with everything but the right ingredients. I would love to know about some of those healthy places you visited while there.

  3. I need a place like this for those nights after work when I don’t feel like cooking! This looks like it’s healthy AND convenient. Really rare. LOL These choices look delicious.

  4. Simply fit meals look like such a great option for busy moms like myself (and you too). I am struggling so much with finding the energy to make healthy meals. Why are convenient meals so incredibly disgusting and bad for you? Vicious circle…
    Amanda recently posted…Friday FiveMy Profile

    1. Maybe you can find one of these places near you. I really do enjoy them for breakfast and lunch options. Makes our busy days go a little smoother without having to worry about preparing a nutrition meal mid-day.

  5. I had not heard of this company yet, but something similar started up around us. I have been meaning to try it. I think I will do it this week since my husband is traveling for work and I don’t always eat as healthy when I am just cooking one adult meal.

  6. No. We don’t have anything like that near me in Hertfordshire, England. But I wouldn’t go there even if we did. I’d make myself some porridge and rinse the bowls afterwards. A few nore moments and they’re dried and put away.

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