The Perfect Villa Stay in Huatulco, Mexico

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Splendor, freedom, relaxation, exquisite service… those are the words that cross your mind as you are perusing through DuJour Magazine, the Robb Report and Upscale Living in search of a villa or destination that catches your eye. Before you give your Travel & Lifestyle Manager a call, you want to have some idea of locations you want to spend the better part of the summer. Of course, many of the best villa rentals are spoken for, but you know there is something out there calling your name.

This summer, Europe is not on the menu. You will save the South of France for next year. However, Mexico… Mexico just may be in order. “Where do we go?” you think to yourself. Then you spy the most fascinating villa. “Oooh la la, you can buy. You can rent.” you marvel inside. “And even better, this location is premised on the concept of ‘eco-tourism’. It’s the perfect wellness getaway.” you smile. “Where is this place? Ahhh, it is in lower Mexico, closer to Central America. I see.” as you peer at the map.

the perfect villa stay in Mexico
Montecito Beach Village is in Huatulco, Mexico.
Source: Explore Huatulco

“Let’s see what this place looks like inside.” you click on the video. Taking a look at all of the splendor, service and abundance of nature you see, you know this villa will make the short list. But is it available? Now, it is time to call your Travel & Lifestyle Manager to take over. You’ve learned enough. “If it is not available, then at least she now knows the caliber of service we are seeking this summer.” you think out loud.


The caliber of service is what makes or breaks a splendid vacation idea. So what enhances your caliber of service to an exceptional level? It is not just finding a beautiful home to rent for a few weeks. It is not just finding a gorgeous location to reside for awhile. It involves a level of service allowing you to truly enjoy your time away.

the perfect villa stay
hire a chef Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Personal Chef Service

Even if you enjoy cooking for your family, on vacation you may want to take a break. Your villa will come staffed with a chef able to prepare meals just the way you like them. Image breakfast, lunch, dinner and your snacks in between all perfectly created just for you. Allowing you to maintain your healthy eating even while away basking in the sun.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are introduced with each meal. You are given time to enjoy yourself without worrying about groceries, meal prep or clean up.


No vacation is complete without good housekeeping. Someone who takes pride in a home well-sanitized to prevent illness, enhance the beauty of the villa and saves you from using your precious vacation time perform routine duties. A well-kept house while you summer is a ‘must’.

the perfect villa stay
activity wrangler Counselling / Pixabay

Activity Wrangler

This is a fan favorite. If you are taking kids of any age with you, then you want an activity wrangler. Smaller children may require a nanny. School-aged children may require a Mother’s Helper and teenagers may simply require a supervisor… incognito, of course.

Perhaps you bring someone along with you to watch the kids while you have some adult time. Or you can hire someone on location to assist you for short periods of time. Either way, the kids get a few hours away from you to just be themselves. And you, the parental unit, get some well-deserved adult time. Can we say, “hello!”. Yes, we can.

When the family rejoin one another, you will have some meaningful bonding time sharing the fun you experienced while you were apart.

the perfect villa stay
yoga at your villa marymccraft / Pixabay

Daily Fitness

Since you are into fitness, every getaway is meant to be a family wellness travel experience. Even though you may not outright call it such, that is your end goal.

Hence, you may require the services of a yoga master visiting your villa for a quiet session. If running is your thing, then maybe you run alone. However, you may want some company for other fitness activities. Going for a swim may give you not only the fitness aspect, but the soothing experience of the ocean to cool you down in the summer heat.

Showing the kids, through model behavior, that physical fitness is important whether you are at home or away is important. As adults, they will appreciate your example.

Now that your Travel & Lifestyle Manager has acquired all of the services to make your villa stay complete, you are ready to head South for July. “Life just couldn’t get better than this,” you proclaim to yourself.

What makes the perfect villa stay for you? Do you hire service professionals or do you do everything yourself? Share your own villa tips so we can all learn from one another. 



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  1. Oh wow! I love staying at villas. You definitely feel like you’re on vacation! A well sanitized living area is definitely a must for me! I see dirt and something not clean, I would not be able to relax! This definitely sounds like a great place!

  2. Ok you’ve totally sold me! I want to go! The house keeping sounds like the best part, not to mention the beautiful beaches. I would love to have a personal chef!

    1. I think that is the assumption that service is expensive. Often, I have found, those services are included in the rate. If not, then the extra cost is minimal. Thank you for stopping by Chef William. We will have to give you a visit the next time we are in PV.

  3. Wow, this sounds wonderful! My youngest daughter and her hubby honeymooned at a Mexican resort, but I can’t remember the name.

    Then my middle daughter had her destination wedding in Punta Cana at the Excellence Resort, and it was fantastic! We all had all-inclusive packages, so the only extra cost was for souvenirs and tips. It was wonderful to just sit on the beach and have waiters come around to take food and drink orders–and then come back and serve us!
    K. Lee Banks recently posted…Staying Balanced and Watching Our Words – Thursday July 2 DevotionsMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Reema. Many villas will come with the services already included in the rate. However, some times you get caught off guard only to learn you are on your own. You only rented a house. And now you must take care of it. That is not a fun getaway at all.

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