Satisfying My Love for Asian Cooking

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After travelling around the land of Eastern promise for my gap year I found a passion for Asian food and the culture as a whole. All the food I put in my mouth seemed to be full of flavours which caused my taste buds to really savour the food. During my travels I felt so energised and passionate about trying new experiences, tasting new foods and treasuring my pressure time in an exciting and spiritual part of the world.

Craving for British Food was Not Long Lasting

I am not saying that my time travelling meant I turned my back on my own culture. I like to think that while I remain British through and through I am now slightly more open minded in mind, body and soul. I certainly missed traditional British meals while I was away and once I returned to my native shores one of the first meals I had was a roast beef dinner. However in a relatively short period of time I was calling up the Chinese and the Indian restaurants and ordering takeaways a few times a week.

Being a student my takeaway obsession could not last. Having a strict budget I needed to try and find a better solution to satisfy my cravings for flavourful foods. My mother was the person who suggested I took a cookery class, and for once I actually thought her idea was a great one. I researched into some culinary schools in London which is where I attend University now.

Cheap Seasonal Ingredients

As a British citizen and on a budget I wanted to be able to get hold of ingredients very easily and wherever possible stick to produce which has the minimum amount of travelled miles to get to my plate. In addition to having easily sourced food the other point of attending a cookery course was to learn some Asian cookery skills to satisfy my hunger for my new food obsession. It wasn’t long before I found one which sounded ideal.

The chef who ran the school and the courses was aiming to introduce Asian inspired cookery with British foods. This meant although I would still need to find spices I could easily pop down the green grocers and find the ingredients cheaply for the day’s meal. I signed up for a course and since then I have not looked back.

Learning Skills – Discovering Flavours

By attending culinary school I have discovered a great passion for experimenting with food and with flavours. I feel I have a closer connection to what I eat, and now I really care about the food which is the source of all my energy. I stick to buying fresh ingredients each day on my way back from my tutorials. I find that this is a great way of catching the food before all the vitamins have been depleted, meaning I get as much goodness as possible.

By eating fresh food each day I no longer buy a weekly shop and I have found that the amount I spend on food, and the amount I throw out, have both been cut quite dramatically. I have become known for my Asian inspired meals and often cook for my friends and flatmates. We all chip in once in a while for a huge meal together and it feels good knowing I am feeding my friends healthy food and passing on my love for the Asian flavours and opinions on good living.

Learn more about the food you eat and how to get the most out of it by visiting cooking schools.


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