Mexico’s Best Destinations for Love and Romance

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We all know about the typical locations that are shoehorned into the ‘perfect for a romantic break’ for a couples getaway.  Paris, New York City, and Athens are among the usual suspects in this regard, but what about the destinations that aren’t generally thought of as being a great place for a couple to retreat and lose themselves in one other?

Although Mexico is a very popular destination for many demographics, it doesn’t tend to be classed as the sort of place one would head for love and romance on a couples getaway. We set about proving this theory wrong, and aim to demonstrate exactly why Mexico is a perfect location for couples to getaway, picking out some of the most luxurious and exclusive retreats throughout country.


Couples Getaways in Mexico
Zoetry – Los Cabos
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Los Cabos

Los Cabos is situated at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, and offers much for the couple looking to escape to a life of luxury. The area itself is similar to tourism-dominated towns such as Las Vegas; such is the glitz and glamour that is so obvious from the moment you arrive.

However, many of the hotels in Los Cabos do a masterful job of making you feel like they exist in your own bubble. Regardless of the hustle and busy nature of the streets outside, once you are inside the accommodation you feel like you have stepped into a detached, tranquil universe where nothing can bother you.

The whole area remains very busy, and although tourism is the main economic factor there are still many local fishermen who head out into the Pacific on a daily basis, supplying fresh seafood to the classy restaurants that populate the streets of Los Cabos.

There is also the opportunity to visit picturesque landscapes across the peninsula, and the coastal town of La Paz is accessible via a two-hour, leisurely drive.

Los Cabos’ eclectic mix of busy bars and restaurants, along with the ‘escape factor’ facilitated by the resorts’ top hotels, make this a definite go-to destination for a couples getaway.

Couples Getaway Four Seasons Mexico City
The Four Seasons – Mexico City
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Mexico City

A delightful couples getaway location despite being situated miles away from the coast – what one would ordinarily associate with Mexico – the country’s capital is superb for a romantic city break with a difference, and would surely become a global favorite with a more favorable reputation.

Mexico City stands simply as one of the most breath-taking locations in the whole world, and although it is beautiful by day, it is night-time when the city truly comes alive and one can appreciate the majesty of the place.

Although the city center boasts a number of romantic hotels and excellent restaurants, the opportunities for traveling outside of Mexico City make it a true standout location.

Within an hour of the city are three beautiful national parks featuring thick forests and nature trails that are perfect for a relaxing and romantic walk. All feature stunning scenery, too, with snow-topped peaks and volcanoes among the photo opportunities outside of the city’s southern boundaries.

To the north of Mexico City, the huge archaeological site at Teotihuacan is a must visit for any couples in the area. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the country and thousands of years ago was once one of the largest cities in the world.

The centerpiece of this site is unquestionably the Pyramid of the Sun, a massive complex that stands at the heart of the ancient city. Teotihuacan gives couples surreal, haunting, and romantic feelings all at once in this remarkable location.

Couples Getaway Cancun Ritz Carlton
The Ritz Carlton – Cancun
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Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations, and despite this status, it still remains ideal for a couples getaway, whether as a honeymoon or as a regular break.

Why is it so popular? The answer surely lies in the sheer variety of things one can experience here. For couples who want to relax and soak up the sun for the duration of their stay, there are dozens of luxury hotels that will wait on you hand and foot as you lounge around by the swimming pool spending quality time with your loved one.

Those who want to explore the beachfront will find some of the very best bars and restaurants on the planet, serving refreshing drinks and fresh seafood within minutes of fishermen bringing in their catch. Thrill seekers can don a scuba suit and, with the help of a qualified guide, check out the sea life in many of the clear lagoons and coves that surround Cancun and the local area.

Nature and history lovers are even catered for here, with Mayan ruins a prominent feature of the city, while nature reserves feature further ruins alongside rare birds and plant life. Whatever your definition of a romantic break, Cancun can deliver on all fronts for your next couples getaway.

Where to Go?

There is no doubt that all three locations that we have identified offer something unique for a couples getaway, and are all romantic in their own way.

Los Cabos is perhaps the most luxurious and exclusive of the three, as it is still emerging as a real tourist industry force yet can deliver a quality experience no matter what you want to do. It is also the quietest, by far, enabling you to check out a part of Mexico that many of your friends and relatives probably haven’t even heard of!

For those that love city life, then Mexico City is a great choice, with sights in and around the city that are great experiences at day and night. While many coastal areas will be out of range, the capital provides an excellent ‘base camp’ for those looking to explore beyond the city boundaries and head out into the Mexican countryside.

In terms of tourism, Cancun is the undisputed king, and if you are unsure what you are looking for from your Mexican break, is definitely the best choice as it offers so much, for couples of all tastes. Perhaps the only thing to be wary of is that, if you are looking for an ‘adult’ break, it is hugely popular with families as well as couples.

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