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Last week, our summer rental discussion sparked a lot of interest with our readers. Getting away for the summer for at least a month or so can be truly invigorating. Of course, a vacation of a few days, a week or two will rejuvenate the soul. However, summering away in a rental can broaden your horizon, help create more cultured children, settle frazzled nerves and more. If you have a major home renovation you’ve been putting off, you can certainly arrange to have it done during your summer away to avoid disturbing your daily activities.

We’ve entertained the idea of starting to summer away again. It was apart of our past, but life got in the way. Years have passed. It’s time to live again. Summering along the Californian coast or overseas in London or Paris might be just what the doctor ordered to keep our minds focused and fresh.

While summer rentals received a nice little discussion, the farm-to-table discussion received a lot of interested on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys
Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

As we mentioned in the article, the farm-to-table concept is not a new one. It is just more widespread than ever. It does not matter whether you are eating at home, a night out on the town or while traveling, you should be able to enjoy a healthy meal. Most importantly, your children should also be able to enjoy a healthy meal beyond the junk typically offered on a children’s menu.

Another article receiving a lot of twitter attention this week is our Daytona Beach article. Even though this article was written the week prior. We have not been to Daytona in years and we are excited to hear there is the possibility of a planned turtle release. Fingers crossed it actually takes place during our visit.

planned turtle release. Source: Marine Science Center, Ponce Inlet, Florida.
planned turtle release. Source: Marine Science Center, Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Stay tuned for our trip recap as we discuss our visit and what Daytona Beach can offer your family as far as vacations.

In all actuality, we are very excited about our on-going discussion on Raising Global Children. We are embarking upon our premiere week of the discussion. We sincerely hope you will consider joining the discussion. It is such a benefit to our children… and to us, as parents.

Check out the Raising Global Children article and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Share it with your network. We would like contributors from around the globe to join the discussion.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m hoping hubby and I get to go to our favorite ocean beach park a few times this upcoming summer. After the winter we have had here in Maine (still not done – had snow again today!), we are SO looking forward to summer!

  2. As a police officer, my dad never got more than two weeks off in the summer… as a nurse, it is hard for me to get even that! Vacations are a rare luxury in our home, much less a whole summer away.

    I do love the farm to table concept… we have our own hens and vegetable and herb gardens so I am working on providing the same benefits to our kiddos on a daily basis!

    1. I can certainly appreciate the work of civil servants and healthcare professionals. Your work helps us all. Hopefully you are able to get at least a long weekend or maybe a week of vacation planned at least once a year.

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