Perth: Getting the Most of the Sunniest City in Australia

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Australia, to many of us, is just paradise.  However, when we think of Australia we tend to stray toward Melbourne or Sydney.  How about a visit to Perth on your next holiday?

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Perth is an incredibly friendly and warm city. This is not only because the locals are acquainted to people who come to the city for a dose of sun when American and Europe are getting their dose of the year’s chills, but also because Perth is the Australian city that lives and thrives with a lot of sun the whole year round!

The Australian city is not only loved best my locals and visitors for its abundance of sun but also because the city is design for people to get in the outdoors and get their daily share of the sun. Perth has so many spots and places for foot trips and biking trips. Also it offers a lot of public space for lounging, picnic and just chilling on the banks of the Swan River.

Activities that Allows You to Get the Most out of Sunny Perth

With its wonderful climate the whole year round and with the huge abundance of warmth and sun there is no better way to explore Perth than experience its outdoors out on the sea. Perth basically has it all from beautiful beaches, to awesome surfing swells, to great sailing adventures and even to underwater escapades.

Best Perth Beaches: Swim and Surf

During the Perth summer months that takes place from October to April, the locals and tourists head to the beaches right in the metropolitan area. With Perth’s location in Australia, it gives everyone the compromise between a developing urbanized city that’s graced on its free edges with sand and sea.

Scarborough is a stretch of white sand and fine beaches that start from the location of the Rendezvous Observation City and that seems to go on for eternity from there. It is one of the best getaways for swimming and surfing in the metropolitan area and is known for hosting the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships that took place in the year 2009.

Cottesloe offers a cozy, classy more sociable over adventurous beach experience than most metropolitan beaches in Perth. While one can expect a good swim most of the times, Cottlestoe is better known for its cozy cafés and grass-lined slopes making is a great place to chill in the afternoons.

Surfing is another sport or say, pastime that Australia is much known for. However, in all of the country, there is no better place to expect a good swell on some random day than on sunny Perth. Even metropolitan beaches like Trigg can be expected to offer great surfing spots. As a matter of fact surfing classes are offered in most of these beaches.

Sailing in Perth

Get into one of Perth’s boats and ships and sail across its blue seas under its fine sunny Mediterranean weather. Book for a ride in Australia’s tallest Tall Ship – the three-masted STS Leeuwin II and experience sailing in its best!

Courtesy: BestFlightsza: Travel Guide to Perth, Australia

Underwater Escapades: Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Want to get more of the water right under the sun, Perth has this solved for everyone. Scuba divers and snorkelers find great underwater adventures amidst fishes, corals, caverns and wrecks in Rottnest Island which is located just 12 miles away from Perth.

This is because when most countries have winter and cold seasons from December to May, Perth has the best of the sun during these months. This does not mean that Perth does not get its share of the cold season, though. It does have winter with snow and rain but because it is beautifully sunny even during its cold months one can still expect no less than 6 hours of sun daily. Now, for those who want a good compromise between a mild weather and a sunny one in Perth, the months between April and May; and September and November gives just this- a mild, fine, beautiful weather that is best for strolling.

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    1. How awesome! Give one of our planners a call to cut through the mustard for you. Since Perth is on the other side of the island, it usually gets skipped by Americans visiting Australia. Make sure to plan a long enough trip to enjoy it leisurely and not rushed if you plan it alone.

  1. Nice article. I heard from friends that Perth has the best beaches in the world. I wasn’t too sure about that after seeing some of the beautiful beaches in South and Central America, and Italy. But this does look very nice.

  2. It is…if my husband agreed it would be on my “retirement” list. I absolutely fell in love with Melbourne.

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