Review: LightStep Calf Compression Sleeve

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Currently in the midst of a system reboot, I have been working out more than my usual 3-4 times a week. With the added stress on my body, I was pleased to take part in reviewing Light Step’s Calf Compression Sleeves. Since I am unable to run the long distance I prefer due to an ailing hip, I couple short 3-5 mile runs with other high intensity exercises that can take its toll on my joints and muscles. Soon, I am adding a couple new routines into the mix. Hence, the reason testing out the compression sleeves was an excellent opportunity for me. Compression sleeves are beneficial for several reasons as outlined by LightStep:

  • True Graduated Pressure massages fluid back up to the heart for best oxygenation for top performance
  • Helps ease the pain and prevent shin splints, varicose veins and swelling. Your legs work hard, so support them!
  • Pregnant women, running and other sports people need these to keep going longer and boost results
  • Faster recovery means a more ambitious training schedule and better results, less injuries and fatigue
  • If sedentary, immobile, travelling or commuting a lot, these help keep circulation flowing to avoid DVT and clots.

For me, the benefits are two-fold:

  1. I travel frequently, hence the compression sleeves help prevent circulation issues on flights.
  2. I need to ease the jolting on my joints and muscles during high intensity exercise. Compression sleeves promote faster recover, help ease pain, prevent swelling and other benefits.

If you are in a similar situation as I am, then you may want a pair of compression sleeves of your own. Your first order of business is to determine what size you may need by measuring your calf. (view chart below).

LightStep Compression Sleeves
LightStep Compression Sleeves Size Chart Source: LightStep on Amazon

Once you order your LightStep Compression Sleeves from Amazon, it should not take long to receive them in the mail. Especially if you have Amazon Prime, then you will receive them in a jiffy.

When you take them out of the package, they should appear somewhat like the below image:

LightStep Compression Sleeves review
LightStep Compression Sleeves arrived. Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

Hopefully, when you test them out your experience will be similar or even more positive than mine. My compression sleeves arrived last week while I was traveling. When I returned home, I was delighted to find my package waiting for me. Of course, it was Easter weekend and my schedule was jammed packed full of activities. Hence, I took the opportunity to try them out over the weekend. Why? a) Not only was I working out, but I would also be on my feet most of the weekend and b) I wanted to give them 2-3 test runs before I gave a solid review.

During my last pregnancy, I had to wear high tech compression gear on my legs from constant bedrest. When I say high tech, I mean something similar to this gizmo pictured below:

 Lovely, right? I think not, but I wore it to prevent any circulation issues and to keep my legs in somewhat good shape. Given my past experience wearing such a high tech air therapy systems for my sedentary situation, I knew wearing the compression sleeve for high pressured exercise would serve me well. On day 1, I wore the compression sleeves after I ran 3 miles, completed 45-minutes of kickboxing, went to one Easter egg drop, a baseball game, went ice skating followed by another easter egg hunt and horseback riding. Let’s just say that by day’s end, my legs were screaming for a break. I put the compression sleeves on as a recovery method. I walked around the neighborhood the loosen up my muscles, then left them on while I elevated my legs for a rest.

wearing the LightStep Compression Sleeves.
wearing the LightStep Compression Sleeves. Photo Credit: Abundant Journeys

Truth be told, I left them on the rest of the day. My legs felt snug inside of them. It helped ease the discomfort from such a long day using my legs and standing for prolonged periods of time. Even more positive, the next morning I did not have to ease out of bed because of sore muscles. My legs had a slight twinge to them from such a long day the day before, but they were not sore or aching.

I put my compression sleeves back on for my morning run on day 2. Running 3 miles with the compression sleeves, each step felt more controlled as a I ran. For those still able to run long distances, you may notice more of a benefit than my short fast runs.

I could use #LightStep for my next workout. @mdefined Click To Tweet

Overall, the compression sleeves deliver on its resolve. It helped ease the discomfort I normally feel in my legs after high intensity workouts. When I ran, I felt my movements were more controlled than usual. If you are interested in getting yourself a pair, then click on the size chart above for more details.

Do you have any experience with compression sleeves? Give us your feedback in the comments below.

Visit LightStep on FaceBook.

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  1. This looks like a very helpful product! I’m a runner, too, though I’ve been struggling with some age-related (I guess) joint problems. Arggh. I’d do nearly anything to be able to run 3 to 5 miles again. Hopefully I will someday.

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