Travel Fit: Staying fit while on the road

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It is summer time officially in six (6) days (June 21st), and it is likely you will hit the road at some point this summer. Whether by plane, train or automobile, your body will be sedentary for periods of time. When you finally make it to your vacation destination, you may find yourself basking by the pool, sipping a drink or two, followed by many trips to the resort restaurants.

This routine over a typical week long vacation can wreak havoc on your regular fitness and eating routine. You return home with your jeans fitting just a little too snug. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, right?

So what are you to do? Well, fret not, we’ve gathered a few activities for you to stay fit while on the road.

staying fit while on the road
take a stroll Counselling / Pixabay

Get Your Stroll On

If you are vacationing near a metroplex, then take a stroll through the city. Perhaps even join a city walking tour to capture some of the area’s history. Many of you are headed to the beach for a summer getaway. Instead of lounging in a chair all day long, get up and get moving. Take a beautiful stroll along the beach. Listen to the sounds of the ocean, marvel in its splendor and simply enjoy.

healthy eating portions | family wellness travel
monitor eating portions Cuppateaandabiscuit / Pixabay

Monitor Your Portions

It is so easy to get consumed with the flowing variety of food when on vacation. The endless sugary drinks, the open buffet, the succulent meals at dinner time.  Of course, you want to indulge. After all, you are on vacation. Who wants to be the ‘party pooper’? Not I!

To enjoy a few drinks and maybe an extra meal while away, it is best to monitor your portions. Before you head off for vacation, develop a game plan. If you are going to have a night out to indulge in a few sugary beverages, then monitor what you eat the rest of the day. If you are going to gorge on delicious seafood one day, then eat lighter the other parts of the day. Be sensible.

hit the pool while on vacation | family wellness travel
hit the pool skeeze / Pixabay

Hit The Pool

It is so tempting to sit poolside watching the kids swim around while on vacation. However, staying fit while on vacation requires you to get up and move around too. Enjoy your fruity drink, then hop in the pool with the kids. You did buy that cute little swimsuit to be seen in it, didn’t you? Well, show it off and burn some calories while you are at it.

The kids will have fonder memories of your getaway knowing you were an active participant in the fun.

stay fit while on vacation | family wellness travel
fitness retreat marybettiniblank / Pixabay

Join a Fitness Retreat

Now this is a favorite. Worried about staying fit while on the road? Join a fitness retreat. It could be a day retreat. It could be a retreat with a great balance between retreat time and free, family time. There are so many retreat types out there. However, if you have a family, you may be more interested in a family wellness adventure to maintain your figure while away. With a family wellness adventure, you would have locally-sourced meals, daily workouts, some group outdoor activities and the rest of the time is your vacation to make your own. It is the best of both worlds. A group, no-group vacation.

stay fit on the road | Family wellness travel
take the stairs jceastling / Pixabay

Take The Stairs

One of the easiest ways to stay fit while on the road is to take the stairs whenever possible. If you are staying on a high floor, then take the elevator up to within 3-levels of your floor. Walk up the last three levels. It you are on floors 4 or less, then take those stairs as often as possible.

You do not have to sprint up the stairs. You can take an easy stride, step by step. At least you are reaching your goal of 10-15 thousand steps without much effort at all.

Run on the beach | family wellness travel
run on the beach skeeze / Pixabay

Go For a Run

Walking on the beach just may not be your cup of tea. However, hitting the pavement for a city run or the beach for a run in the sane just might give you the sweat break you need. You’ve got a day of sightseeing, jet-skiing and buffets ahead of you. Going for a run helps you clear your head allowing you room to enjoy the rest of the day. It’s a runner’s high you just can’t leave at home. And the best part of it all, you are staying fit while on the road. It only required an outfit and a pair of shoes. Easy peasy.

take the family hiking | family wellness travel
go hiking nightowl / Pixabay

Take a Hike

Okay! So maybe not literally. We do not want you to take a hike. Stick around to finish reading our tips on staying fit while on the road. What we meant to say was you should go on a hike while vacationing. Imagine Lil’ Johnny breaking in his brand new binoculars viewing far off animals on the hiking path. Imagine Lil Susie leading the pack up the mountainside to reach the top. You have your hiking boots, walking stick and now you are ready to go on the family hiking excursion you’ve always dreamed of.

Well, maybe that is taking it a little far, but you get the idea. Hiking is fun for the whole family. Perhaps you will learn that black pepper grows on trees, like we did when hiking with the family.

Yoga | Family Wellness Travel
yoga on the beach 873770 / Pixabay

Meditate, Do Morning Yoga

Yoga is the perfect activity to do while vacationing. It does not require any outside equipment unless that is what you want. Close your eyes. Now imagine yourself, on the beach, just you and the water. The ocean waves soothing your mind. The yoga stretches relaxing your body. You are at peace. Life is just perfect. Yes! That is what yoga does for you. Give it a try on your next getaway.

hit the gym | family wellness travel
hit the gym skeeze / Pixabay

Hit The Gym

Most hotels, resorts and villas offer some sort of fitness center on-site or very nearby. the weather may not always cooperate to enjoy oneself outdoors. Hitting the gym while on holiday is a perfect way to stay fit. At the very least, there is usually some dumbbells, a treadmill and a exercise ball. You can create an entire workout with very little. Spend a hard 20-30 minutes breaking a sweat before you get your day going. It will help burn those calories you eat later in the day.

bike the sites | family wellness travel
bike the sites SylwiaAptacy / Pixabay

Bike the Sites

Instead of taking a bus tour, hop on a bike. Most cities have some sort of bike the sites excursion fit for the whole family. You can ride your bike in between the nooks and crannies of the town you are visiting for a more personal, engaging experience. You are also lessening your eco-footprint on the local area. An excellent form of responsibility travel within a vacation.

There are so many ways to stay fit while on the road. What do you do to maintain your health when away? Maybe your tip can be beneficial to someone else. Share with us in the comments below.

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