Summer Rental: Do you need a month in paradise?

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Have you ever been out and about and notice that one family you think ‘boy, mama needs a break!’ She is at her wits end. Her son is climbing up the grocery store shelves. Her daughter is adding miscellaneous things to the cart and the baby is screaming his head off. Mom looks like she is having a ‘Calgon moment’. Whenever I witness (or ahem, am the victim) of such a spectacle, my mind always wonders off to this movie:

It is such a classic that I laugh my head off just thinking about it. John Candy is really having a moment with the fly on his computer screen. He thinks it’s a very small airplane. Can’t-stop-laughing! When life brings you to that point, you are well past the point of needing a break. This is now an “Houston, we have a problem!” moment.

You really need to consider getting away. School is almost out. Easter is in a few days. Summer vacation is just down the road. A week or two vacation is not going to cut it. You really need a system re-boost, a little vacation therapy to get you back in the right mindset.

But just how do you decide where to go? There are so many options. And no one wants to make the same mistake John made for his family in Summer Rental (1985). That place was a total dump. Seriously, I cannot stop laughing. If you are going to summer away from home for at least a month of more, you want someplace that will feel like home. No, better than home. Right? You want the sand in your toes, the wind whistling through your hair and maybe even housekeeping to help you keep the house together.

For me, I would need a chef. Make my meals. Keep me happy. Simple enough. It got me to thinking, how many people still summer away from home? I mean, seriously, how many of you summer elsewhere? Do you take up at one of the area lakes around Texas? Do you head off to Southern California to escape the Texas heat? Are you heading to the east coast to summer in Martha’s Vineyard, the Cape or the Hampton’s? Are you fabulous enough that you head off to London for the summer? Where do you go? Inquiry minds want to know.

Let’s say you do not summer elsewhere for at least a month or so. If you could, where would you go? What would you do?

Use the comments below and satisfy our curiosity.

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  1. I wish we could go on a vacation I remember being young we always would as a family. I know some families do but realistically a one income family how do you do it

  2. We could definitely use a vacation but it always is easier to say next year. Then next year comes and we never end up going anywhere. I think I will at least try a stay cation! lol

  3. I’ve taken my husband and kids, for the last two summers, to Costa Rica for 5 weeks. It’s been SO FUN. And so important to have that quality time with the kids and husband. Great post and inspiration

  4. Having two cats at home means that our vacations are short, so no summers away for us! If I could, though, I’d spend a couple of months traveling Europe. Maybe some day!

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