It’s Time to Plan Our Mother Daughter Getaway

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Lately I been trying to think of some place to go with just my daughter and me.  Originally I thought it would be nice to get together with a few other Mom/Daughter duos for  a weekend cruise, but then I thought maybe it should just be the two of us.  My mind keeps going back and forth between just having a day trip or a weekend trip.  Leaning toward a weekend long excursion, here are some places I am considering.  Do you have any ideas for us?  Previous Mother-Daughter trips have included cross country trip by luxury motor coach, NYC weekend trip, Royal Caribbean cruise, hiking the Grand Canyon, a week in Oahu, Palm Springs for a weekend, Boston for the weekend, several trips to Mexico, and several more I cannot seem to recall at the moment.  We have also done “stay-cations” exploring our own town when she was smaller.  Now at 15, we can do more things together.

Update 5/2015: The little peach is now 18 years old finishing up her freshman year in college. Yippee! And here we are again contemplating a mother daughter getaway. On our list for this summer, Puerto Rico, Toronto, Colorado for white water rafting. What should be on our new list? What do you think of the old list we conquered below?

Red Mountain Resort
Courtesy Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort – Irvins, Utah

Since we both love the great outdoors, the Red Mountain Resort in Irvins, Utah is high on my list to spend the weekend hiking and exploring.  Situated at the entrance of Snow Canyon State Park, Red Mountain Resort offer an Adventure Concierge to help us plan our stay should we choose this trip for our getaway.  With packages starting somewhere around $230 per person, it seems to be a really great deal for the luxury we will receive while there.

Update 6/2012: we ended up choosing Utah because hiking was top of our list and later we went to Paradise Island the same summer.

Atlantis Bahamas
Courtesy The Atlantis

Atlantis – Paradise Island, the Bahamas

We keep putting off the Bahamas each year because it is so typical, it seems, we figured we would eventually get to it.  Now it just seems as though we have put it off for too long.  It has been many years since I have been to the Bahamas in exchange for traveling to other far away destinations, I think it may be time to re-visit and take my daughter for the first time.  The Atlantis has quite a few activities for the both of us and she may have a blast splashing around the myriad of pools they offer, but how much will we get out of another beach vacation?  Perhaps we should continue our search.

Update 6/2012: The summer of little peaches Sweet 16, we headed off to the Bahamas for some fun in the sun. 

Sedona, Arizona
Courtesy Sedona

Sky Ranch Lodge – Sedona, Arizona

Maybe we should head off to Sedona, AZ and stay at the Sky Ranch Lodge.  Like Red Mountain, Sedona offers Adventure packages to give us a time we will not soon forget.  From hiking & mountain biking, jeep tours, hot air balloon tours and helicopter & biplane tours to spa service and shopping, I think I am leaning toward Sedona in a big way.

Update 3/2012: We headed to Sedona for President’s Day weekend  last month. It was so relaxing and fun we need to go back.

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What do you think?  Give us some ideas in the comment section below. Reference the update above to learn which places we made it to and which places we are considering for a 2015 summer mother-daughter getaway.

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    1. Beach houses always work well for us. I think we are going to make our rounds this summer. She wants to head to Toronto then maybe the white water rafting in Colorado. Maybe beach house for the family getaway. thanks for the suggestions, Sharon.

  1. How awesome! My girls are 8 and 9 I cant wait to plan girls weekends with them. I’m not even sure what would be fun to do, but getting away with them anywhere would be a blast!

  2. Ohhhhhh – I’m in th same boat. I owe my daughter(16) a trip. We were supposed to go to Hawaii for her birthday, but couldnt make it. She ins’t very outdoorsy, so the hiking won’t work. But she is a lover of the arts (art, music, etc) so I was thinking NY, but wanted to wait for the warmer months.

    But, for you and your daughter, I’m thinking Sedona. It sounds exciting and I wanna see pics from the hot air ballon tour!!

    1. Definitely thining Sedona. NYC for you and your daughter would be wonderful. My daughter and I went a couple years ago. We stayed at the W Timesquare. You should check it out. If you have an AMEX, you may get an automatic room upgrade. Cheers. @2girlsbikini

      1. @AbundantJourney, free upgrade?! Now ur talking my language! Keep me posted on HR plans. U know I love a good travel story!

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