Top 5 Getaways for Couples

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Seeking advice for the best getaways for couples in the US? Well, look no further.  Abundant Journeys encourages at least one couples getaway, one trip with the kids and one Girlfriends Getaway a year to give yourself a system recharge and improve your over well-being.  The whole family will thank you for it.   Joe Petchonka shares with us several hot options for couples getaways around the US.  If those do not work for you, then there are many other options that may suit your fancy.  Perhaps you wish to travel abroad, then you can always try the Caribbean.

best getaways for couples
The Bellagio.  Courtesy Rose Brand

Every now and then you and your partner need a break from your normal lives. With all the bills, your jobs, home repairs, car repairs and anything else that you’d rather not deal with, it’s almost necessary to take some time off from all of this.  That is what we call ‘taking a wellness vacation’.  The world is a big place, so narrowing down which locations you’d like to visit the most is quite a task. Thankfully, I’ve concluded which five destinations are among the best getaways for couples in the world for vacationing with your partner to save you lots of time.

1. Couples Getaways in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever wanted to gamble all of your money away and have fun doing it, you’ve come to the right place. Seriously, though, Las Vegas is an amazingly good time for a couple. In addition to plenty of hotels and casinos to visit, you can find fun activities to do like visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, visit the Azure Pool at the Pallazzo, and even check out Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods Oasis. With so many things to do in Vegas, you’re bound to find something that interests you and your partner. While not the cheapest place in the world, if you’re smart with your money, you can take a trip here for a modest amount of money.

If you are not a gambler, then you can take in a show or two such as the Blue Man Group or George Wallace’s comedy act.  Also, you can purchase a Las Vegas Power Pass which includes admission to many of Las Vegas’ top activities, restaurants and shows.  Skip the line at many locations so you have more time for enjoyment.

2. Getaways for Couples in San Diego

In beautiful Southern California, a couples getaway to San Diego would be extremely memorable and full of beauty. If you’ve ever wanted to visit gorgeous beaches or even Shamu at SeaWorld, then you’re in luck.  San Diego is home of the famous San Diego Zoo in the largest urban cultural park the US has to offer… Balboa Park.  There are also plenty of casinos, golf courses and San Diego Chargers football games to check out as well, but you’ll definitely want to base your time around beaches and more beaches for the utmost relaxation.   For a romantic place to stay, I would recommend staying in La Jolla near the beach.  La Valencia comes to mind.

Courtesy Exclusive Resorts
What better way to get away as a couple or with the whole family.

3. New York City Couples Getaway

You might not want to visit perhaps the Big Apple in the dead of winter, but once it starts to warm up, this is easily one of the ‘most happening’ vacationing spots.  After all, it is the city that never sleeps.  With the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, The Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower to check out, in addition to all the restaurants that make the city what it is, couples will love that fact that their feet hurt from walking so much. Seeing how Long Island is also just a short drive away, you can also visit the beautiful beaches that are world famous. Don’t forget about Wall Street and Broadway either!  There are 100s of activities in NYC to partake in.  Don’t overload your trip in one stay.  Make it a point to re-visit again and pick up where you left off for another Couples Getaway.

best getaways for couples
Courtesy Iao Valley State Park

4. A Getaway in Seattle for Couples

If you don’t mind a bit of rain here and there, you’ll love the laid-back environment that this big city features. Home to the first Starbucks, Seattle is usually noted for its youthful culture and hipster atmosphere, but literally anyone will enjoy the gorgeous scenery and town-like living. Discovery Park, Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market are just some of the notable attractions in Seattle that you are your partner will love.

5. The Best Couples Getaways are in Maui

Voted the best island in the world, Maui is the detached island of choice for many who seek the island life for a week or two. Since Hawaii is not attached to the big part of its country, it’s still part of the United States, thus making it a vacationing destination in the US. Did you enjoy your history lesson? Awesome. If you like the beach, you’ll have plenty of them to check out in Maui like Wailea Beach, Kaihalulu and Ho’okipa Beach just to name a few. Iao Valley State Park is also a destination that tourists viewed as their favorite a bunch of times, so it’s safe to say it would be one of your favorites as well.

If you have some vacation time to spare, you’ll definitely want to check out one or more of these locations. Even with limited funds, you’ll be able to have a great time no matter which of these places you go to. While some may cost a tad more than others, you’ll be able to find plenty of activities and places to eat to have a great time for up to several weeks, depending on how long you’d like your getaway to last. If you’re like most, you’ll probably never want to come home!

About the author: Joe Petchonka has been a writer for over five years and has written for newspapers, websites, automotive dealerships such as Michigan Lincoln Dealers and holds a bachelor’s degree in English.

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