Trekking: Get Fit to Trek

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Get Fit to Trek

Trekking holidays are the latest trend so ditch those budgie smugglers and inflatable dolphins as you prepare to tackle the challenging gradients and scenic trails of life away from the beach.

There are so many reasons to go walking whilst away and from clean fresh air to stumbling across inviting inns, keeping active on holiday is an awesome option no matter what your age.

However, as with any activity, preparation is the key to success and undertaking an outdoor vacation will require a certain amount of fitness. Check out the five top tips below to find out how you can get fit to trek.

Strengthen those legs

The three primary muscle groups required for successful trekking adventures are found in the legs, specifically: the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Working on these trek-essential muscles will help avoid injury and fatigue. If anyone is going to slow down the pace, it ‘ain’t going to be you! Getting those muscles supple and strong before you leave will ensure you get the most out of your experience. You want to be able to focus your attention on what is important and not be distracted by physical discomfort and injury.

Trekking Stamina

A certain amount of regular cardio is really going to stand you in good stead for the entire length of your break. Think treadmills, your stairs at home or any hill and incline that you can find out and about. It really doesn’t have to involve a gym as there are plenty of opportunities for trekking practice in your immediate vicinity. Make use of your lunch break or get an early start before your working day begins. Not only will you increase your stamina to cope with each day’s trekking schedule, you’ll also ensure you’re not the slacker of the group! On these type of adventure holidays, who wants to be held back when there’s so much to take in and experience?

Centre of attention

A strong core means reduced back pain, good posture and, of course, great abs! It can even help lessen discomfort during flights where comfortable seating is at a minimum. The benefits for the trekking itself are clear, especially in conjunction with your other fitness preparations. And not only will it serve you well for your wellness vacation, you’ll be providing a good foundation well beyond your next adventure.

A strong back & shoulders

Just because our legs are going to be the main focus of all the hard work, let’s not neglect the upper body. Where do you think that backpack is going to go? Some upper body strength training is essential for balance with the lower body and again, avoiding injury is essential. If you’re going to be a worthy member of your trekking group, you have to carry your own equipment. Especially if you’re contemplating the perfect wellness getaway, an adventure holiday for singles. Expecting someone else to be your packhorse will not go far to impress!

Food for thought

A pre-holiday binge of fast food and booze ain’t going to cut it! You need to practice trickle-hydration to get you in the habit for trekking. There’s no way you want to limit your enjoyment of the activities because of something as avoidable as dehydration. So practice drinking water little and often which will help you do it automatically whilst on your trip. A healthy and well-balanced diet before you go will get your digestive system fit and ready. By the time you’re on your vacation, you’ll feel so virtuous; those holiday treats will be well deserved!

Charlie’s new found love for fitness has married well with her lifelong love for exploration and adventure.

Have you ever been trekking before? What is your favorite activity when vacationing?

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