Veteran’s Day Weekend Road Trip Ideas by Region

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Veteran’s Day is a excellent time for your family to reach out to an honorable servicemen to thank them for their service.  There are many great men and women who have served our country without hesitation, and they deserve more than a day of honor and thanks.  However, since this is the day set aside for our Veteran’s, then let’s make sure we each take the opportunity to honor them properly.  One point of clarification we should highlight is the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  Do you know the difference?  According to, the two holidays are confused frequently. indicates Memorial Day is set aside to honor servicemen and women who died while serving their country or as a result of injuries incurred during battle.  In contrast, Veteran’s Day is set aside to thank and honor all veterans – alive and deceased – who served honorably in wartime or peacetime.  There are many living Veteran’s who would welcome the honor and thanks for their service this Veteran’s Day.  So if your family is seeking something to do for this 3-day weekend.  We have some regional suggestions for you to add to your itinerary.  It would be the perfect time to gather the family for a road trip.  Shall we remind you the date will be 11.11.11… how often does that sequence come around?

9 regions of USA
9 Regions of the US. Courtesy: Maps of World

Pacific Alaska Region

Nez Perce National Historic Park in Oregon with a presence in several states gives you a segway into Montana’s Big Hole National Battlefield during your family roadtrip. 

Pacific Region

Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Park in California was dedicated in 1992 to honor those who served during WWII.  California is filled with opportunities to find a service person to honor.

Rocky Mountain Region

Big Hole National Battlefield in Montana is the memorial ground for the Nez Perce Indians and others who fought in 1877 to confine Indians to reservations.

Southwest Region

The Alamo is Texas represents a fierce battle against Mexico in 1836 during the Texas Revolution.  While almost everyone has heard of the Alamo, this would be a great stop to determine if your family actually knows the history.

Central Plains Region

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in Missouri was the premier engagement of any significance West of the Mississippi during the Civil War in 1861.  Missouri was able to stay in the Union when the Confederates lost this battle.

Great Lakes Region

Stones River National Battlefield in Indiana was the first in a series of major Civil War battles near Murfreesboro beginning in 1862.  Visitors here will have the opportunity to learn how the Battle at Stones River came about.

Southeast Region

Cowpens National Battlefield in South Carolina was a Revolutionary War victory over the British in 1781.  If your kids have yet to learn about the Revolutionary War, this would be a great opportunity to give them a head start over what they will learn in school.

Mid-Atlantic Region

Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland where General Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North ended… Antietam is ripe with educational and historical value to leave you appreciating how this country has evolved since 1862.

Northeast Region

Appalachian National Scenic Trail while not a National Battlefield was thought of by a forester in 1921. “The trail was to provide leisure, enjoyment, and the study of nature for people living in the urban areas of the eastern United States.”

While there are so many opportunities to sprinkle a little bit of history while deliberately taking the chance to honor and thank a Veteran this November, we cannot list them all.  We highly recommend you visit the US National Park Service for further details.  They offer many fun ways to visit each park including a handy-dandy Passport to Your National Parks.  Using this Passport is a great way to involve your children in your road trip ventures.

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