Where do families summer?

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Officially summer is June 21 – September 22, 2015. Unofficially, it last from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. With Memorial Day fast on the horizon, many families are hoping to get at least a little vacation over the summer, some families are taking off to the area lakes or beaches for much of the summer, and then there is another segment of summer travelers. The segment of family vacationers who take off for the entire summer elsewhere to renew, mingle and mix with other like families. Wouldn’t we all like a month or so in paradise? Of course!

Inquiry minds want to know where do families summer? Of course the destinations are plentiful. However, we have compiled a small list of some of the more popular destinations to spend at least 4-5 weeks during the summer. Naturally, you may believe The Hampton’s will make the list, but it is so cliche we think we might just skip over it.

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If you live on the East Coast, you may wonder off to Martha’s Vineyard for a few weeks out of the summer before heading overseas to London, Paris or further South to Lake Como.

If you live on the West Coast, you may venture to Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Barbara or further north to Napa, Sonoma or even to Lake Tahoe before heading across the Pacific to one of the Hawaiian Islands.

If you live in the South or the North, then you may rent a lake house for the summer within a couple hours drive from home.

For the jet-setter, you may take travel liberties for the entire summer. Perhaps you want to immerse yourself into another culture for the summer or you have friends you want to re-connect who are expats. Really, you do not need a reason. For us, the reason is simple: ‘we are wanderlusters’. If we stay put for too long, we just may break out in hives. So where do families summer, you ask? We’ve put together a summer plan that may tickle your fancy. Even if you cannot go yourself, you can live vicariously through movies, magazines and blogs like ours.

where do families summer
Malibu, CA. Pixabay

Since school is not out until days after Memorial Day weekend, you will kick off your summer away the premier weekend of June by heading to your summer rental in beautiful Malibu, California. Overlooking the pristine beaches and gorgeous Pacific Ocean, your condo (or house, if you are lucky) is your home base for the next three weeks. Here you will be able to unable to unwind from the stresses of normal home life and basque in the sun. As a flip flop CEO, your temporary home may give you a little inspiration, new connections and more.

where do families summer?
Corsica, France. wanze3 / Pixabay

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to unwind, you are ready to pack it up to head overseas for the next 6 weeks. You will fly from Los Angeles to Nice and take the ferry over to Corsica, France for your new home base at Domaine de Murtoli. With its very own farm, you will be able to enjoy delectable farm-to-table meals daily during your stay. There are 11 homes on over 2,500 hectares giving your family privacy and the availability of activities to meet the needs of everyone in the family. From hiking, to horseback riding, to water adventures, your time here will be full of bliss. And when the fancy strikes you, hop on a ferry to head back to the mainland for a few day trips to Eze, Monaco or Marseille in France. Or even day trips to Italy’s Sardinia, Naples or Livorno.

where do families summer?
Lake Tahoe. anajbrown / Pixabay

Nine weeks into the summer, it is time to head back to the States to begin getting ready for school sports, back to school night and more. We all wish summer lasted into Labor Day weekend. However, if you have active children then you need to get back home early August. Hence, you arrive stateside the first weekend of August bidding adieu to France until next time. Your arrive home prepping for the school year and getting back into the swing of things, but only for a few weeks. Once the kids are in school, Labor Day is sure to be a week or so away. You have one more trip to leave the summer with a sweet taste in your mouth. Since the kids have a long weekend Labor Day weekend, you will head to Lake Tahoe for one last hurrah.

The kids have reconnected with their friends back home, you have had time to check out any home renovations you had done during your summer away and most importantly, get your home office setup again. This last weekend trip to Lake Tahoe will settle the summer jitters and prepare you for the long haul til Fall break.

Summering is not just for the wealthy. We’ve met many families during our travels who are just regular Joe’s traveling with their children. It is a lifestyle choice. It is the call of the wanderluster.

Are you a wanderluster? How does it transcend into your family life?




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  1. Every summer we try to camp on base for a week plus this summer we are heading to Minnesota for a family wedding. Otherwise, summer flies by and I prefer taking trips during October to the Caribbean. Lots of great ideas though on where to go this summer!
    Jessica recently posted…3 Simple Things I Do Every SundayMy Profile

    1. Summer sure does fly by. Maybe it’s because we are having too much fun. I usually try to avoid the Caribbean for the fall and head West or overseas. And do the Caribbean anytime between the kids Thanksgiving through Spring Break. Fall gets too busy for us.

  2. Unfortunately, we don’t ever get to vacation. My husband’s busiest time of year (Assistant registrar at the local university) is the summer, so we don’t ever get to go anywhere. :( We can’t take vacation at any other time, either, because school is in session. We can’t win!!
    Jami recently posted…National Pet Day!My Profile

  3. The only place we travel really is to see family, but we also live right near the beach. :) I would love to travel more, but with my hubby’s job I don’t see that happening anytime soon. A girl can dream right?

  4. I love traveling! Haven’t taken a trip in years because the kids are so young, but definitely planning something soon!

    1. You can certainly get hooked on traveling, that is for sure. My kids each started traveling with me at 4 months. Now my youngest is 5 and he is always making plans I do not know about. I learn about them from his friends. too cute.

  5. I used to live in NY, and we’d go to Cape Cod for summer vacation with the kids. I’d never go to Martha’s Vineyard with the kids. It’s way too crowded! I prefer Nantucket. Less commercialism, and it’s simply quieter (at least it was back in the 90’s). Staying on the Cape was great because there were so many wonderful options – from just laying on the beach, to whale watching, to historical places to visit. The Cape is the ONLY thing I miss about not living in NY anymore.

    Out here in Southern California – it’s easy to head west to the beach and rent a beach house for a week.
    Eydie Stumpf recently posted…The Dreaded ClosetMy Profile

    1. Many families return to the same locations annually for the summer. Especially those who go to the Hamptons. It is essentially second and third home away from home. We went to Hawaii every December for the month for 12 years. It was our place to catch up with friends. That’s when we lived in Manhattan Beach right on the ocean. What places would you choose, Carlease? Wanderlusting is addictive. I never tire of the South of France.

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