Wildlife safaris in Norway are fun for the whole family

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It’s summer time and you may want to experience more than a beach vacation for your family’s summer getaway. Of course, heading off to Mexico, Hawaii or the Caribbean isn’t too shabby of a deal, but there is more out there than white sandy beaches and sipping cocktails parlaying poolside. Okay, I am not making my case very well. Your mind probably went right off to the beach and windsurfing.

Let’s get back on track. For those of us seeking newer experiences to broaden our horizons, we may want to consider a wildlife safari. If you are anything like me, the first destination you considered was South Africa or Eastern Africa. It is without a doubt these two massive geographical areas host some of the world’s most renowned national wildlife parks. However, we are not talking about South Africa nor Eastern Africa today. Today, we are taking you on a wildlife safari journey to Norway. While you may not take in the Big 5 on these safaris, you will get your fill of wildlife and sea life. And the beauty of it all, the timeline to visit Norway to take a safari is June – September. Perfect for summer vacation time here in the USA.

Musk Ox Safari

Dovrefjell National Park offers you a very unique experience. An experience you are likely not to find many other places on the entire planet. Here you can see the majestic ox safari roaming about on a guided tour with the entire family. One fun fact: Musk Ox can run upwards 60 km/hr in speed. Not only that, but you can hike, trek, go cycling, horse back riding and so much more.

Polar Bear Safari

Visit the Svalbard Islands for a Polar Bear safari on your family wellness adventure. Bring your super frosty weather gear since Svalbard is halfway between the North Pole and Norway. Yes, you read correctly, the North Pole. It may just be the perfect time to bring your Christmas list for a firsthand experience with Santa and his reindeer. And since you are already in the area, you might as well go on a snowmobiling excursion or better yet, dog sledding. Anyone ever see the movie Snow Dogs with Cuba Gooding Jr? Well, that was in Alaska, but you get the jist.

wildlife safaris in norway
Polar Bears tpsdave / Pixabay

Reindeer Safari

Speaking of reindeer, while you are “up North”, you should go on a Reindeer Safari. Your kids will not stop talking about this safari more than likely. Especially if you have younger children still filled with the Christmas spirit. And while you are at it, take time to meet the Sami people of Norway in the Lyngenfjord area to get a taste for local culture and experiences.

King Crab Safari

Be still my heart with this safari. As a seafood lover, this safari would be such a thrill during a family wellness vacation in Norway. For this safari, perhaps you may consider hopping on a ship for the family aboard Hurtigruten to get upclose and personal. How else do you think you might get close enough for this exploration. Now in Kirkenes for this part of the trip, you meet up with your guide, head out by boat, cast your wide net to catch some scrumptious king crab for your lunch later that day. Yum!

wildlife safaris in Norway
king crab tpsdave / Pixabay

For those of your wanting more of a sea safari experience rather than fishing, there is an unforgettable excursion in the Barents Sea to suit your fancy.

The Safari: As we put on warm clothes the guide talks about the area, where the sea eagle rules the air, just like the king crab rules the sea bed. Pretty soon, we are in the boat, on our way to the edge of the ice. – The ice is on its way back, as the winters are getting warmer. The king crabs are mating now, and finds the area where the ice starts to be the safest place, says our guide Guro.

The Russian diver gets in the water and disappears. We wait on the ice. 15 minutes later he appears at the surface with five enormous creatures. Our feast is a fact. The guide hands out dry suites, to put on top of our clothes, and we jump in the Barents Sea. We float around in the cold water, but we don’t get wet. A strange feeling of freedom. We laugh. ~ Visit Norway

Lynx, Fox and more…

For a more traditional style safari, you will not be disappointed visiting Langedrag Natur-Park, a mountain farm and wildlife park. This farm sits 1,000 meters above sea lever to give you stunning views of both the mountain and sea. The owners philosophy falls right inline with our family wellness travel philosophy:

We want the farm to be at one with nature as far as possible. With a great deal of  respect for nature’s own selection over millions of years, here at Langedrag we have tried to conserve the most natural and primitive breeds of each kind of animal. Examples of this are the Norwegian fjordponies, the goats, the mouflon sheep, the highland cattle and pigeons. They all have markings and colours which nature has given them in the competition for survival. ~ Langedrag Natur-Park

Aren’t you ready to pack your bags and head to Norway already? What are you waiting for? Step  out of box and do something unique with your family. There are several other wildlife adventure opportunities besides the options listed above you may want to consider all over Norway. If whales are your thing, you can head out on a whale safari in Andenes in Northern Norway. Or head to Namsskogan Family Park to get better views of over 30 species of animals including elk and alpaca. The options for wildlife safaris in Norway are fun and plentiful for the entire family of all ages.

Have you been to Norway on any of these adventures? Share your experiences with us in the comments below. 

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    1. If you are not a fan of the blistering cold, then these summer time adventures are the best options. For the most part, you are in mild temps with these safaris, but one is a bit frosty still. :-)

  1. If I’m being honest, Epcot made me want to go to Norway long ago, but I never really thought of what to do there in the summer. I always just assumed it would be snow, ice, and reindeer – I was totally wrong! You’ve opened my eyes to all of the beauty Norway has to offer in the warmer season. Polar bears are one of my favorite animals, and seeing them in the wild would be so neat! Thank you!
    Erica @ The Crumby Cupcake recently posted…Eggplant Parmesan Caprese Skillet Pizza #WeekdaySupperMy Profile

  2. How absolutely amazing! I would love to visit Norway one day, mainly to see the fjords but I never even knew this side of Norway existed. I would love to do a polar bear or reindeer safari, how amazing would that be to see them in their natural habitat. I can just imagine the wonderful photography I’d capture there :)

  3. It is very amazing to go on safaris like that. I definitely did not know there is a seafood safari! I would be thinking of how delicious they are all through the seafood safari experience.

  4. Holy cow, what amazing adventures! I love anything to do with animals and nature so this is right up my alley…especially since I am familiar with cold weather living in Chicago. Thanks so much for sharing–it looks like a trip of a lifetime!
    Amanda recently posted…Lincoln Park ConservatoryMy Profile

  5. I had no idea that they had “safaris” in Norway! What a cool and different way to explore a place in a way I never thought of. I had a friend just get back from Norway and her pictures were so beautiful! I’ll have to add this to my bucket list for sure!
    Jeska recently posted…Summer Fun At Utah Ski ResortsMy Profile

  6. What a fun and great adventure you had. Although Norway is way too cold for me, I would love to be able to visit it one day. And if I do, I will keep the the wildlife safari in mind.

  7. OMG these are all so great. I wish that I could take the boys to experience it. Maybe one day in the future though, you never know what the future holds and this would definitely be something to add to my bucket list.

  8. I would love to visit Svalbard one day – I used to read an (English languge) blog written by someone who lived there, which had a webcam showing their 24 hour days of sun at this time of year. The midnight sun is fascinating to me; I’ve never seen it (the one time I visited Alaska, it was in September) and I would love to. That would be as much as an attraction to me as seeing Norwegian wildlife.
    Alana recently posted…Would You Want a Blog with Scents?My Profile

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